Friday, March 12, 2010

the 'rone- and other tools of the trade

So, as I discussed in my post a couple of days ago, I'm currently taking progesterone- or as I like to call it, "the 'rone"- to trick my body into thinking that it has ovulated. You see, my ovaries are lazy, and they don't plan on ovulating any time soon- even though they should have done so like 20 + days ago and even though I took clomid at the beginning of this cycle. So, I'm taking the 'rone to trick my body so that I'll finish up this cycle, so that I can start anew for the next cycle.
I'll be taking a higher dose of clomid to really kick those ovaries in the tush and get an egg out already! I'm a little nervous about it, and a little sad that I have to even take clomid. You see, when I started this whole endeavor back in June, I REALLY wanted to do everything naturally. Acupuncture, herbs, diet, whatever it took to regulate things. But, then with the PCOS diagnosis, and the fact that even with all of that, my cycles weren't changing; reality hit. I'd have to take some fertility drugs. This made me very sad. Somehow, it made me feel like less of a woman; like- my body can't do this on it's own. But, I have pretty much accepted it, and know it's just a reality of one of the things that my body needs to get knocked up.

Another thing I'm going to turn to this weekend, is my army of books that I've purchased since this whole endeavor began. I have books on fertility, and pregnancy, and metabolism (since PCOS is a metabolic disorder) and PCOS. I've read them all, but I think this weekend I'm going to flip through and read them again, just to see if I missed anything on the first read.

I like to be as educated as possible! It makes me feel like I have some control; although the reality is- I have very little! But, I like having a plan. So, my plan for the next few weeks: 'rone, clomid and more learnin'!



  1. i'm feeling the same way - starting letrizole tomorrow ... i actually have to call my acupuncturist and tell her today that i won't be needing the herbs this month and i'm kinda scared she's going to judge!

  2. Kate- don't worry about what she thinks; you know what's best for you! :)Good luck!