Monday, March 29, 2010

in a fog

I feel a bit like I'm in a fog today. Maybe it's because it's Monday and I'm just tired. Maybe it's because I'm in this sucky holding pattern- just waiting for this cycle to end. Who knows. My body feels quite wonky today- sluggish, bloated, and really nauseated. Blech.
No fun.

This weekend I started reading this book on holistic fertility. So far it's interesting. I plan on doing the yoga that it suggests- maybe it will help me relax a bit? We'll see. It's all very interesting, and hopefully it will be a good companion to my acupunture.

Also, today I was reading some other infertility blogs, and a couple of them also had PCOS. I have to say, it made me feel a bit behind the curve. Most of these women have already been to reproductive endocronologists and fertility doctors. Or- is that the same thing? I'll have to google that later. Anyway, it just made me think: should I have seen a specialist sooner? I was trying to be patient- but was I TOO patient? I mean, I've only been diagnosed with PCOS by my obgyn- should I have rushed out and gotten a 2nd opinion? I mean, I saw my ovaries on the sonogram- they look like classic polycystic ovaries- and I have many of the symptoms, so I really have no doubt, but I just wonder if I should have seen a specialist sooner. (Holy run-on sentence, Batman!)

It's really so hard in all walks of life NOT to compare yourself to others. Second guessing your choices when you see what others have done. I guess I will just have to trust what I've done so far (it's not like I can change it now!) and move forward-hoping my choices and instincts were the right ones.



  1. i'm always struggling with the comparing myself to others thing ... i do it all the time. it's so hard not to! everybody's journey is different ... i'm trying to remember that too, and also just listen to my intuition and my body. i think you're doing all the right things! i just saw a fertility doc a month ago for the first time ... and she actually didn't really say anything new to me ... but i had to shell out $350. i guess it sort of reconfirmed what i was thinking, and helped me fine-tune my plan a little? i think you're doing all the right things!

  2. Thanks, Kate! I think so too. I hope this fertility doc I'm seeing in May will have some new ideas. I need some! :)