Thursday, January 27, 2011

poll weirdness

So, something weird is happening with my "predict the sex of my babies" poll, in the sidebar off to the left. The other day, there were 24 people that had voted; and now it says 13? I don't get it. So, if you feel so inclined; vote again! :)


maternity photos

So, I'm pretty sure at some point (maybe between 25-30 weeks- before I am a total whale) I want to get some maternity photos taken. Even if we just take them ourselves, I want to remember this time and what I looked like.

I've seen some really beautiful maternity photos, that I'd love to recreate. I'm not a fan of showing my bare belly in them, so that probably won't be a picture we take, but just something simple.

That said, I know what I DON'T want to do:

Wow, I would have liked to be in the room when they were like "Oh, you know what we need in this photo? A dirty TIRE! That totally says "impending new arrival" to me.

Or, "Hey, I feel sexiest when I'm dressed in a garbage bag, so we HAVE to make sure we do one where that's all I'm wearing. Also, please kiss me awkwardly. Also, the locale has to be a gross swamp like place."

Umm...... what?

What do you think she's trying to say in this photo? "Don't take another step, or the watermelon gets it?"

Oh dear god! My eyes! I may have gone blind by looking at this picture.
So there you have it. I may not know exactly what I DO want in my little maternity photo shoot, but I sure as heck know what I DON'T want.
*All of these photos and many more, found here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

weekly wednesday update

How far along? 15 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure. I was supposed to have an OBGYN appointment yesterday to find out, but it got moved to next Tuesday. So, I won't know until then.

Stretch marks? Not yet. I have to admit the vain part of myself is slightly worried about these, as I've seen some pictures of women with red stretch marks covering their entire belly. But- if it happens, it happens! :)

Maternity clothes? Yep! I bought a dress WAY on sale at Ann Taylor Loft. It was the last one! I wore it yesterday and it's super cute:

Then, yesterday I bought a whole bunch of stuff from the Gap and Old Navy online, courtesy of my mom, and my friends Miriam and Alex and their generous gift cards. :) Can't wait for it all to arrive!

Sleep: Still decent. I still wake up about 3-4 times to pee a night, but always fall back asleep right away.

Best moment this week: My friend Wendy gave me a TON of hand me down baby gear. Seriously; it was so generous. It was so fun looking at it all stacked in my living room imagining that soon we'll have two babies to use it!

Movement: Nope. I think this is still 3-4 weeks away.

Food cravings: This week the only craving I had was I REALLY wanted birthday cake one night. Not just regular cake, but birthday cake. The kind that comes in sheet cakes and has that really sugary frosting. :) I didn't have any of course, but I sure wanted some.

Genders: Not yet, but check out the sidebar to the left and vote for your predictions! Right now boy/girl is in the lead.

Labor Signs: Nope- thank goodness!

Belly Button in or out? It's in. I think this is an odd question. Maybe I won't think it's odd when it's finally out.

What I miss: Still not really missing much. I guess I miss not being so tired, and the occasional glass of wine.

What I am looking forward to: My ultrasound in TWO days! I can't wait. It's an early anatomy scan, so it should be a long one. Yay- can't wait to see you, babies!

Weekly Wisdom: If you have a problem or need advice, ask the Internet! I got lots of great suggestions to my protein post. Thanks, guys! :)

Milestones: None for me really, but according to my "what to expect when expecting" app on my phone, the babies ear bones are in place by this week, so they can hear us now! That's exciting.

Also, this week, the babies are the size of avocados. This does not seem significantly bigger than last week's orange, but I think it's more about the length. 4-5 inches and each weighs 3 to 5 oz.

In other news, It's snowing like crazy here in New York today, and it's really pretty. And Ian and I are going to a Liz Phair concert tonight; babies' first concert! And now I know they'll be able to hear it, so I hope it's a good one. :)


*photos found here and here

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

putting us first

On days like today, when work and personal life are stressful and hectic, it's easy for me to forget to take as good care of myself as I should. Drink enough water, take enough breaks to get up and walk around (I sit all day at work), eat enough, etc.

I think part of it is just going in to auto pilot a bit. As I'm in to my second trimester, I do have a TINY bit more energy than I did in my first. So, sometimes during the day, if things are crazy, I can forget for a minute that I'm pregnant. I mean, I don't forget so completely that I start doing tequila shooters or anything; I just stop taking great care of myself. This doesn't happen that often, but today was one of those days.

At the end of the day, I realized I hadn't had enough water. And it made me stop and realize I just need to always put myself and my two little passengers first. I need to realize that it's going to be the last time in my life for quite a while where I have the luxury to do so. Not to mention, it's for a very important reason; the health and well-being of myself, as a pregnant woman carrying twins, and of course for the twins themselves.

So tonight, since I'm tired- instead of going home and cooking dinner- I'm ordering in (from a very healthy place just down the road). I'm going to drink lots of water. I'm going to do some tidying in our bedroom; not because I should, but because it will make me feel better. I'm going to put on my pajamas quite a bit earlier than usual, watch some TV and snuggle with my husband. Then I'll go to bed early and get a good night's sleep (well, except for the four or five times I wake up to pee). :)

Because right now, taking care of me needs to be my top priority.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

make your predictions!

Well, we still have about 4 weeks left until we can find out the sex of the babies- which means you all have time to make your predictions! I've put a little poll off to the left sidebar; so vote away!

I honestly have no clue at this point; but I thought it'd be fun to see what you all think. :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011


I think I will need to be buying two of these for SURE.

my protein problem

So, it seems that when you're pregnant with twins, you have to have more protein in your diet than you would with one baby. When I first heard this, I didn't think this was going to be a problem, but frankly, it's been the hardest part about eating while pregnant so far.

You see, I'm not a huge fan of meat. I mean, I eat it, but it's not always my favorite. And for some reason, lately? It sounds really not good. I think it sounds better if I don't make it myself, but in general, it just doesn't sound good. And meat has one of the highest concentrations of protein.

I'm supposed to have 90-120 grams of protein a day. This is a lot, people! I mean, one egg? Has only 7 grams of protein. And also? I don't really like eggs. They're okay... but, I kind of have to choke them down. And then I was like "oh! Peanut butter! It has protein!" Yeah... but only 4 grams per tablespoon. On top of it all, I have to restrict my calories to 1800 a day, since I started out this pregnancy with extra weight. So, it's not like I can just carry around a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and just eat that all day. Also, I'd need at minimum, 22.5 tablespoons of peanut butter to get my daily requirement, and, well, that might get old.

Normally, I'd eat turkey sandwiches for lunch, because I like those, but you're not supposed to have cold deli meat when you're pregnant because of the risk of the bacteria
listeria. You can sidestep this worry by this by microwaving your deli meat first to kill the possible listeria, but that just grosses me out. I don't know why. I know my friend Kristin is rolling her eyes :) but I think it's gross.

Anyway, I'm just having a really hard time feeling like I'm eating enough protein while also keeping my calories down to 1800. Also, I think my uterus is already starting to smoosh my stomach and not leave much room for food, as I get full WAY faster now. Which makes it all the more difficult to eat enough protein.

I DID get some protein bread, and it has 14 grams per slice. So, I suppose I should make sure I have a couple of slices of that per day. For a while I was having smoothies for breakfast with protein powder, but that got tiresome. I think I'll have to go back to that though, as I'm running out of ideas.

I mostly get worried that I'm not getting enough and maybe it's affecting my babies. That's the worst of all! So, I think I'll just have to try and be extra diligent and maybe just not have the most varied diet for the next 5 months or so. Gotta feed those babies what they need!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

weekly wednesday update

Whoa- did you know? Weeks go by fast! I feel like I JUST did an update. And, really, not a lot has changed, but I said I'd do a weekly update, so here we go!

How far along? 14 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure. I'll see on Tuesday. Again, as of my last appt. I had only gained one pound.

Stretch marks? Negatory. I'm slathering on this super yummy smelling stretch mark prevention oil that my friend Jamie got me, once or twice a day. Don't know if it actually helps, but hey, it can't hurt.

Maternity clothes? No new ones, but my mom and my sweet friends Alex and Miriam sent me gift cards to do some shopping; so I'm definitely going to do that this week!

Sleep: Decent. I wake up about 3-4 times to pee a night, but always fall back asleep right away. I have my snoogle which helps me stay laying on my side, which you have to do starting in your 2nd trimester.

Best moment this week:
realizing that I really am starting to show. I know that strangers probably wouldn't notice; but I can. :)

Movement: Nope.

Food cravings: No, not really. Though I still really struggle with not wanting to eat meat. I'm supposed to have a LOT of protein, and though there are a lot of non meat sources of it out there, meat is one of the best ways to get it. So, I need to try harder to get enough of that in my diet.

Genders: Don't know just yet. Probably will in the next 3-4 weeks though.

Labor Signs: Nope- thank goodness!

Belly Button in or out? Still very much in.

What I miss: I can't say I miss too much yet. I guess if I had to choose, it'd be sleeping on my stomach. I still can, but it's not nearly as comfortable. Plus, I know that sleeping on my left side is the best for the babies, so I do that as much as I can.

What I am looking forward to: My next ultrasound! I have one on January 28th- the anatomy scan-, and possibly one at my OBGYN appt. on the 25th.

Weekly Wisdom: Sleep is important. I didn't get enough the last two nights, and I feel it. This will become a top priority, along with the protein thing.

Milestones: Over a third of the way there! :)

Also, this week, the babies are the size of navel oranges! 4.5 inches and each weighs about 2 to 3 oz.

That's this week's update! I hope I have more to report next week. :)


*photos found here and here

Monday, January 17, 2011

baby loot

So, I thought I'd do a quick little post of the loot these babies have accumulated thus far. It's not much; which is just fine, as we don't have a ton of room to store said loot; but we have a few things.

To be honest; some of the stuff we have was given to us/purchased during my first pregnancy. After I miscarried, we put it all away, as I really didn't want to keep seeing it. But, once this pregnancy seemed to be going along smoothly, we decided to bring it out. We also decided that our little blueberry would be happy to share his loot with the twins. So, here we go!

First off, we have this cute little blue whale bath toy that Ian bought the day we found out I was pregnant. You can read about that here. It's really cute, and we've named him Blueberry the whale:

Next we have two baby towels from my sister-in-law, Jody. One is a hooded towel, and the other a regular one. I love the cute frogs:

Then there's this adorable bib from my friend Kristin:

I bought this little vintage baby jacket in a moment of weakness. They wouldn't be able to wear it until at least 6 months I'd think, but it's pretty cute. However, due to the bow in the lower left corner, if we don't have at least one girl, it will probably have to go to someone else. Pretty cute though!

I also bought these during my first pregnancy. I walked by Papyrus and saw them in the window, and thought they'd be so cute to decorate a nursery with:

And lastly, also from Jody, two pairs of hand knit booties, made with love by her! So cute!

Just a few things, but it makes me happy to look at all of these little things and imagine that they'll be here in about 5 1/2 months!


Friday, January 14, 2011

me 'n mariah

are totally both having twins. I must be behind in my celebrity gossip, because I didn't know about this.



So, even though it’s still a little early for some maternity clothes, I am starting to show a very tiny bit, so I’m starting to look around a little. I am wearing maternity jeans, and maternity work pants, though both are still a tiny bit big (I’m sure not for long!).

I’m not looking for very specific things yet, but here are a few cute things that caught my eye:

Gray tunic from Nordstrom

Gray striped sweater from Nordstrom

Sequin shoulder dress from Nordstrom

Lilac raglan sweater from Gap

Watercolor graphic tee from Old Navy

Tunic from Old Navy

Pink and white striped shirt from Old Navy

I don’t need all of these things of course, and couldn’t afford a couple of them, but it’s fun to look! There are lots of cute places that have maternity clothes, but unfortunately, they either a) don’t have my size, or b) are REALLY pricey. So, I think it will be a lot of Gap/Old Navy stuff.

I also think I’ll do some ebay shopping for used maternity clothes, because honestly, women sometimes sell almost brand new stuff, since you don’t always wear certain items for very long. So I’ll keep my eye out for that too. I love a deal!

This weekend I’m going to go through my closet again. The first time I was pregnant, I went through it and put the clothes that wouldn’t fit me for a while into vacuum seal bags. I think I’ll have more to add due to the totally different season. I think once I do that I’ll realize just how few clothes I will have fairly soon; but it will be nice to have all the stuff that won’t fit me out of the way.

I honestly think that this bump is going to grow pretty fast. I know it tends to sneak up on you anyway, but then you add another baby into the mix and I bet it grows faster than I can imagine. So, gotta make room in the closet now!

Have a lovely 3 day weekend everyone!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

weekly wednesday update- 13 weeks

At the suggestion of one of you, I’m going to be doing a pregnancy update once a week; though I think for a while, it probably won’t be very interesting. Or maybe to some of you, it will never be interesting. Oh well! : ) So, here goes for my first update:

How far along? 13 weeks 1 day- 2nd trimester!

Total weight gain/loss: At my last appointment, I had only gained one pound. This is good, as my nutritionist said I should “hold” my weight gain until the 23rd week. Yes, you read that right. I have to keep it where it is for 10 more weeks. This is what happens when you start out your pregnancy with some extra junk in the trunk. We’ll see how it goes….

Stretch marks? Well, no new ones. Old ones on my hips from long ago. But not big enough for there to be any yet.

Maternity clothes? Yes. Maternity pants, but no maternity tops yet. Will probably get some of those in the next few weeks though.

Sleep: Well, I wake up about every hour and a half to pee, but I think sleep is getting better. I’m getting used to my snoogle, so I’m sleeping on my side (mostly left) for pretty much the whole night. My back sometimes aches, but mostly it’s ok so far.

Best moment this week: Reaching the second trimester!

Movement: Nope, not yet. Won’t see this for probably another 6-8 weeks.

Food cravings: Not recently. Usually though when I do, it’s red meat. Perhaps I need more iron…I read that because of your increased blood volume you might need more iron, so that might be it. As far as what I’ve craved in the pregnancy to date: Orange juice, fruit, cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, ice cream (HOW have I only gained one pound???)

Genders: Don’t know yet! It’s possible that we might know at the anatomy scan in a couple of weeks, but I think that’s way too early. I’m not counting on that. Plus, if they make a guess that early, it’s very easy for them to be wrong.

Labor Signs: Nope- thank goodness!

Belly Button in or out? Still very much in.

What I miss: Sleeping all the way through the night. Also, sleeping completely comfortably. I realize it’s going to get WAY worse though.

What I am looking forward to: My next ultrasound! I have one on January 28th- the anatomy scan-, and possibly one at my OBGYN appt. on the 25th. Oh, also, not getting heartburn so often. Tums have been my friend lately.

Weekly Wisdom: Wisdom? Hmm. Drinking lots of water IS important. I read it everywhere, but yesterday I was busy and didn’t drink enough, and I didn’t feel great. Oh, also, I went out to dinner with a friend last night and had a non alcoholic beer; thinking that it would be tasty and make me not jealous of her frosty glass. YEAH… it wasn’t good at all. So, lesson learned, most non alcoholic beers are NOT good.

Milestones: Hmm, second trimester again I guess!

So there you have it, all! I don’t know if any of you have any interest in reading this, but, there it is.

Also, in other news; lemons are bigger than peaches? I guess so, because this week my babies are the size of lemons… and last week it was peaches. So, I guess you’d have to qualify it with “they were the size of small peaches, and now they are the size of large lemons…”

That’s it; my update!


*photo found here

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd tri, babies!

It’s here! It’s finally here! Today is the first day of my second trimester! : ) I’m so very excited that we’ve made it to this point. It seemed to take forever, mostly because the risk of miscarriage drops quite a bit once you reach the second trimester. And that’s pretty darn exciting.

The second trimester is supposed to be where you get all this energy back and you feel fabulous again. I am really fortunate, because morning sickness was short lived for me. I had it for a couple of weeks, and then it was gone. My main symptom has been just complete and utter exhaustion. So, we’ll see if that lets up at all. I’ve read in many of my twin pregnancy books, that the symptoms don’t let up as much for a multiple pregnancy, so I might just continue to be tired. Oh, and also, I get up at least 5-6 times per night to pee, and in a single pregnancy they say that this lets up a little in the second tri, but again, since my uterus is growing faster since there are two babies in there, that symptom might not let up much either.

I also have been dealing quite a bit with the breathlessness thing that happens when you’re pregnant. Apparently you need more oxygen during pregnancy, and your body adapts to make this happen. An increase in progesterone, directly affects your lungs and stimulates the respiratory center in your brain. Basically, your body just wants to take deeper breaths. Also, apparently pregnancy, and especially a multiple pregnancy, is harder on your heart. So, recently when I’m going up the gigantic set of stairs by our apartment, I have to stop and take a break. I never used to have to do that before. Guess those babies really need their oxygen!

Also, thanks for the sweet comments yesterday. I really appreciate it, and I know in my rational mind that all that matters is that I’m healthy and my two little guys are healthy. But, the comments made me feel a lot better and snapped me back into reality as to what is really important.

I don’t have another ultrasound scheduled until the 28th! It’s POSSIBLE I’ll get one on the 25th at my OBGYN appointment, but maybe not. My last appointment, when I thought I’d get one, I only got to hear their heartbeats. Which is cool, don’t get me wrong. You see, it’s actually normal that you DON’T get an ultrasound with every appointment. I was spoiled and had gotten one with every appointment I’d had so far. I think I just did at first because of my previous miscarriage and because it was twins. But, now I think I won’t get one every time for a while. Which is hard! I really like seeing them, and it’s reassuring to see their heartbeats and how they are measuring. Though, in about 8 more weeks, I’ll be able to feel them kicking around, so that will be some reassurance too. : )

So, huzzah for second trimester! I’m ready! : )


Sunday, January 9, 2011

worries and insecurities

So, it's hard to write a post about the bummer feelings you have; especially when you struggled with infertility for so long, and you finally have what you want! It makes you feel ungrateful. But alas, there's not much you can do about feeling your feelings; you just gotta feel 'em.

It's funny; whenever I tell people I'm having twins- they immediately go to how much of a challenge it will be when they're here. I agree; it will be. But, it's just not what is on my mind right now AT ALL. What is on my mind, is keeping the babies cooking until at least 36 weeks, and doing everything I'm supposed to be doing to make that happen.

I just finished reading a really good book called "
Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy". I was happy to find it, because most books I found on twins were about what to do when they arrive, which is helpful eventually, but right now, I need to know how to care for them while I've got them on board. It was a good book; lots of information- but, some scary things. I mean, nowadays, twin pregnancies are becoming more common; largely because of fertility treatment advances. So, people tend to think they aren't as big of a deal as they once were. It's true; there are more twins- but from all I've read, a twin pregnancy is still very different from a single pregnancy. A lot more complications can arise. It's far more taxing on your body. Anyway, I'm so not trying to be martyr-ish. Just learning a lot lately, and it's hard not to worry about some of it.

I worry about gestational diabetes, because it occurs at a higher rate with women carrying multiples, and then if you have extra weight (whee- that's me!) and also PCOS doesn't help. So, I'm kind of worried about it. Not really for me, but for my babies. I think I'm doing pretty good food wise, as I've only gained a pound and I'm almost 13 weeks along. Many women have already gained 15 (though, they are at a normal weight when they start, so, it's normal for them to have gained more than I have). Anyway, I feel like I must be doing that right, but you know; you still worry.

There's lots of other risk factors that I won't go in to here, but I'm just hoping I get to skip over most or all of them. I just want my babies to be healthy and it's a lot of pressure when you're the one that has to take care of them exclusively for 9 months!

As far as my insecurities go; well, it's not a new one for me. I know I'm showing a little, because I can see it and well, my pants tell me so. But, since I already had extra weight- it still just looks like I'm fat. And honestly? I think it's going to look that way for a while. I know that there's nothing to be done now, and I just need to accept that I didn't start out at a normal weight, and all I can do is my best. But honestly? Pregnancy is a lot like getting married. You're surrounded by all these cute images of pregnant ladies, and cute pregnant clothes, just like when you're getting married and you're surrounded by images of perfect weddings and model brides. Yes, I'm aware that it's silly to compare myself to a model, but sometimes I just really wish I would get to have the "cute pregnant lady" experience. And? I probably won't. Because since we're having two this time, I'm most likely done after this. And that's fine. I am of course not going to get pregnant again just for vanity's sake. I've always wanted two kids, and that's what we're going to have. I know it's silly, but well, I can't help it. Hormones are a bitch. I wish that mother nature would at LEAST clear up my skin so that I could have that. C'mon lady! Give me that one thing! Sigh. Probably not going to happen.

Anyway, those are my worries and insecurities currently happening in my pregnant brain. I'm sure they will continue to rattle around in there for a while, though I'm also sure they'll soon be replaced with others. :)

Above all, I AM excited to meet my babies, and that's the most important thing. :) (Though, it WOULD be awesome to be one of those pregnant girls who looks cute in skinny jeans. ah, well.)


*photo found here

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

this and that

Well, this week it’s back to the grind! Had quite a bit of time off over the holidays, and now this week I have to do the unthinkable; work ALL FIVE DAYS. Blech. So not cool.

However, I AM excited for the new year. I usually am; just because it always feels like new beginnings, fresh starts- anything is possible. Of course this year has all of that, plus the added excitement of new life on its way, and once they’re here; nothing will ever be the same again! Exciting and a bit scary at the same time, but mostly exciting. :)

Ian and I are signing up for a prenatal class at Mount Sinai (where I will deliver) called “Preparing for Multiples”. I’m excited, because it’s 5 weeks long and meets every Tuesday from 6-9 pm. The class covers preparing for birth, comfort measures and pain management, breastfeeding, vaginal and c-section birth, and getting organized at home. So, we’ll learn a whole lot! We also will get a tour of the hospital and birthing area as well as the NICU should we need it. It will start February 22nd- can’t wait! I’m feeling very anxious to be DOING things to get ready. I mean, I know I’m growing babies, and that’s something :), but you know. I want to get all ready!

On another note; our babies are as big as peaches this week! Crazy! I am going in for a quick checkup with my OB today, so I should get to see them ever so briefly. She usually just does a quick ultrasound to measure their growth and heartbeat. That’s enough to tide me over for a while. :)

And finally, yesterday I “graduated” from acupuncture. I’ve been going for a year and a half, pretty much once a week! First to try and regulate my cycle and assist in possible implantation each time we tried and then the last 12 weeks, to keep those babies in there! I love Christiane, my acupuncturist, so I’ll miss her lots. I’m sure I’ll still bother her from time to time via email, as she is a wealth of knowledge. That’s my second graduation since I got pregnant! At 9 weeks I graduated from my fertility doc, and now acupuncture! And in just four days, I’ll be in my second trimester, so I’m considering that a graduation, too. So, basically I’ll have a doctorate in pregnancy by the time I’m done. Or something.

I think that’s all my miscellaneous things for now! Hope everyone’s New Year is starting out wonderfully!


*photo found here

Saturday, January 1, 2011

what's in a name

So, I won't lie and say that we're just now starting to think about baby names; we started long ago. Pretty much in June of 2009 when we started trying to get pregnant. However, now the search is being taken quite a bit more seriously. Lists being made, baby name websites being perused, names being said out loud and considered. It also has taken on a slightly new difficulty, in that we have to think of multiple combinations. Boy/Boy, girl/girl, and boy/girl. First names, middle names, names that can't be shortened to something ugly, names that sound good with Fraser, and names that hopefully, won't get the children beat up or teased mercilessly.

Obviously we have some time; it's not urgent at this point. But I think we're focusing on it because it's fun. It's fun to think of them as little people with full names, and imagining what their little lives will be like. Imagining that their name could help shape them, and help form their identities. It's very exciting however sometimes feels like a lot of pressure!

We plan on keeping our name choices secret until they're born. Partially so that we'll have something to announce on the day, but mostly to avoid people's opinions on the subject. No offense, I love you all; but we all have different taste, and I don't want to tell people the names we've chosen and then see the look of judgement cross their faces. So, it will be our little secret until June or July (whenever the baby Frasers decide to make their appearances).

For now, it's back to the baby name websites, and back to dreaming about the little tiny ones and their brand new names.

Happy New Year to all!



So, remember all of my talk of 11:11 on the clock? Well, I'm probably just looking for omens or something, because it makes me feel better, but I think it's a good sign that today- on 1.1.11 (very similar to 11:11, wouldn't you say?) out two babies reached a major landmark point in their so far short little lives; 12 weeks. At 12 weeks, the risk for miscarriage significantly decreases. So, this is a big deal.

Also, I learned this on a website today about 12 weeks:

The biggest thing for your little one this week is the developing reflexes. Fingers will open and close, toes will curl, even facial expressions will change. Your baby can both scratch his nose and suck his thumb!

That's pretty crazy and cool that I have two babies inside my uterus right now, that could be sucking their tiny thumbs! Whoa.

So, happy 12 weeks little ones! And Happy New Year as well! I'm pretty darn excited for 2011; I think it's going to be a great year. :)