Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a bit of randomness....

So, I don't have a specific topic today, per se, so... I'm sorry if this isn't a very interesting post. :) Just take heart that I'm entertaing myself, so, that's a bonus.

Firstly. I made cupcakes for a co-worker's birthday today. Yes, cupcakes that I cannot partake in. I know, I know. You're amazed at my generosity. She's really happy about it, so that makes me happy. Something funny; I frosted them while sitting on the couch watching The Biggest Loser. Hee hee.
Secondly. DUDE. Check out my fruit salad today! What is the deal with my fruit salad always having a face?? Today I feel like it has kiwi eyes AND a melon nose. Weird. I swear I am not doctoring these. They arrive just like this! (Maybe I just WANT to see a face in my fruit salad? You see it...right?)
Thirdly. (Is this a word?) I saw 20- TWENTY!- pregnant women on my way from the 1 train to the shuttle and through Grand Central Station today. This is about a 15 minute trip. I started counting after I saw 3 of them. So, this is either a good omen, OR the universe not being very nice and rubbing it in my face. Whatever, universe. That's just mean. Those women might be pregnant, but they don't have their very own fruit salad with a face! So... there.

On the fertility front; I'm on day 7 of the progesterone, so only 3 more days, then hopefully this useless cycle in which my ovaries just didn't do a damn thing, will be over. I'm so looking forward to just moving on. Next cycle will be more clomid, only this time a higher dose, and if that doesn't work, I have an appointment with a SUPER fancy fertilty doctor in May; more on that later.

Have a lovely day!



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