Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So. Yesterday's birthday cake....It was sooooo good. :) yum. And at dinner? I broke every single dietary restriction, because, dammit, it was my birthday!! But it was super tasty and so fun, and my lovely husband gave me a wonderful birthday celebration.

Sadly though, it's back to reality today, and I feel SO sluggish and tired. Partly I think because I stayed up a little later than usual, but mostly, I think it's the diversion from my eating restrictions that did it. Anyway, back on the wagon today!

I think I'll do a long workout tonight to try and get my energy back up, and then early to bed for me!

I have to admit...I'm sort of at a loss these days about what to post here. I mean, I'm still just waiting waiting waiting for this cycle to end so I can start my new cycle of clomid. So, while I'm waiting... I guess you just get to hear about the cake I eat. Although, there won't really BE anymore cake being eaten...so...there goes THAT material. hmm. I better think about this before my 3 readers get bored and never come back! :)


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