Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shhhhhh! don't wake the ovaries!

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I had a doctor appt. yesterday evening. I had so much hope for this appt.! I just knew she'd take one look at my ovaries and tell me "Wow! Look at that huge follicle, just ready to drop a super-awesome egg!". And then I'd get all smug and say "Yeah, I figured. I mean, my ovaries might be kinda slow and all polycystic and whatnot, but they are rockstars when they need to be."

This, sadly, is not how it went.

First off- I waited not one, but TWO HOURS in the waiting room! Annoying. I did get caught up on my 'Glamour' and 'InStyle' magazines though. So that's a plus.

Anyhoo... once I was in there, I showed her my temp. chart and she agreed that I had definitely not ovulated. Then we took a look at my ovaries. They are doing NOTHING. They are just chillin' not doing a darn THING. Nothing. "Um, Hello ovaries??? You're EMBARRASSING me with your laziness! We have company! C'mon! Up and at 'em!" Sigh. They're just sleeping. Lazy ovaries.

I do think that I'm done with this doctor though. She's not a fertility doc, in her defense. But she was already saying that maybe I should just jump right to doing IVF. Yikes! Um, no thanks! Not ready for that yet! I think she's just tired of seeing me and getting no results. Yeah, me too doc! Anyway, she gave me a prescription for progesterone to hurry things along and get this cycle over with already, and then one for the next level of Clomid- to REALLY kick my lazy ovaries in the ass. Do ovaries HAVE asses? Not sure.

So... now we wait.

This is my LEAST favorite part. The waiting. Oh well. Onward!



  1. Lazy ovaries. They just smoked dope all winter long, and now they have nothing to show for themselves. I hope they learned their lessons and make a real showing in April.

  2. You're right! They're probably just high. Great. I have lazy, delinquent ovaries.

  3. hope you don't mind but wendy shared your blog with me. i'm having some fertility issues myself and it helps to know there's somebody on this same journey! the waiting is the worst, isn't it. :(

    thanks for sharing!

  4. Kate- yes! The waiting IS the worst- b/c you can't actually DO anything to move things along; only WAIT. Good luck with your fertility issues too; let's keep in touch- I'd love to hear how things are going for you!