Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi! Well, another thrilling day on the couch! Well, mostly. I first had a doctor's appointment this morning, just to check in. She wanted to check my weight to see if I had gained any more. I haven't; which isn't really THAT impressive since it was just done on Tuesday. But she wants to watch my fluid retention closely. So, my blood pressure is still awesome, and I have just scant amounts of protein in my urine; so, so far, still no preeclampsia. I am going to start going to the doctor once a week now, just to keep an eye on things, which is good.

I honestly cannot believe how close it's all getting. After yesterday, we really feel like we need to just get everything all prepared. Because you just never know! So, this weekend, all the baby clothes, sheets and blankets will be washed, more diapers will be purchased, and our house will be cleaned (though not by us; yay for groupon! 3 1/2 hours of cleaning for $60? Score!).

But it still doesn't feel like we're prepared. I know you probably never DO feel ready, but it seriously still just feels like a dream that in just a matter of weeks (or sooner?), we'll have two new family members. Two tiny little family members that are completely dependant on us. Whoa.
Anyway....this week the babies are each the size of pineapples. That's crazy! Pineapples are not small, people!

Ready or not, these babies will be here in a few weeks. And even though I don't feel technically prepared; I've never felt more ready. Can't wait to meet my girls!

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend, all!


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