Thursday, May 12, 2011

randomness for Thursday

I could not think of a topic to blog about today, so I'm going to give you a few of my random thoughts/goings on.

You're welcome.

A friend of mine just blogged that she was going out for a fun breakfast tomorrow. I wish I could go. I told her I'd order a cinnamon roll and now I REALLY REALLY want a cinnamon roll.

I have worked at TWO cinnamon roll restaurants in my career. Mrs. Powell's Cinnamon Rolls in Capital Mall in Olympia, ages 14-17, then Cinnabon in college for about a year. I've made many a cinnamon roll from scratch in my day, but never once after I stopped working at the aforementioned establishments.

My outfit today is just really lame. I mean, none of my pregnancy outfits have really been cute, but I just really didn't try today. I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, and haphazardly grabbed a cardigan on the way out of the house, not knowing that the cardigan had shorter sleeves than the shirt. I tried to make it look like I did it on purpose... but I think it's not quite working.

I pretty much always have a hair band around my wrist like that. Because I'm classy and fancy.

I need to color my hair soon. It's pretty bad. I have lots of roots and many, MANY gray hairs that I have not seen because I've never really let my hair go so long without coloring it. I'm thinking of leaving it mostly the same sort of strawberry blonde color, but having them add in some blonde-er highlights for the spring summer.

We have a guest coming this weekend, so we're going to clean tonight and tomorrow. I can't do as many things right now, so Ian will take over things like scrubbing the tub and the toilet (bending over for a long time is pretty hard for me) but I will be doing things like cleaning the counters and stove top, and doing some sweeping and dusting. We're a team. I bought a groupon for two 3 1/2 hour cleaning sessions from a cleaning company, and I plan on using both before the babies arrive. I think one I'll use in a couple of weeks and then one during the third or fourth week of June. Then I can have a super sparkly house for baby time.

I still want a cinnamon roll. Dammit.

Speaking of baked goods, I recently made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for my friend Wendy for Mother's day. They were REALLY good. They were REALLY bad for you, but really good. I found the recipe here. Don't double the recipe though, unless you want 4 1/2 dozen of them. We ended up giving some to the neighbor and then Ian took a bunch to work.

(if you're a nerd and you're counting the muffins right now and saying "Hey! That's not four and half dozen! Well, this photo was taken after we'd already eaten 3, so calm down.)

Last weekend we were at Target, and we were in the toy aisle, and I saw a bunch of puzzles and suddenly I wanted one. We got one and did some puzzling all weekend. It's still not finished (1000 pieces) and it's on our dining room table. It's pretty fun. :) This is the one we got, only it wasn't this expensive.

Ok, I think that's enough of my crazy ramblings for one day! Tomorrow I'll try to come up with something more interesting to blog about.

Enjoy your Thursdays, everyone!


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  1. i always rock a hair band on my wrist as well. :)