Friday, May 13, 2011

blog issues and baby sizes.

So, it seems as though blogger is having some issues today, and ERASED my blog post from yesterday. Supposedly they are working on fixing it as we speak. If you didn't get to read it; it was a GEM.

*UPDATE* it's fixed! You can now read the brilliant-ness that is Thursday's post.

Anyway, for now, let's see how big those little ones are getting! According to Baby Center, they each weigh as much as four naval oranges:

So, that means I'm carrying around the weight of eight oranges! That's a lotta vitamin C.

And according to "What to Expect.." each baby is the size of a head of lettuce:

They said it was estimated that they were up to 19" long at this point (!) though who knows if that's accurate. So, I chose Romaine for this photo, since it's a long lettuce. :)

Anyway, I've got the weight of 8 oranges and the volume of two heads of Romaine sitting up in my uterus right now. Crazy!

This weekend we have our second childbirth class, and also our breastfeeding class on Sunday. I'm most looking forward to the breastfeeding class, though we're also going to be covering epidurals and medication in our childbirth class, so that should be interesting. I'll report back on Monday!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


*photos found here and here

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