Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a sticky situation part deux

Hello everyone! So sorry for the lack of posting yesterday; it was a hectic day and I just didn’t have the time. I promise to be better about making sure I post daily, so you don't think I went into labor. :) (Sorry, Kristin!) Also, btw, if I DO go into labor, I'll do a really short post just so you'll know; I promise!

It’s so crazy to me how close it’s getting to “baby time”! I mean, I’m HOPING it’s not super soon; because I want them to keep growing. But, I’m almost at 33 weeks- so, we’re only like 5 weeks out if I go all the way to 38. That is CRAZY to me!

Ian and I knocked out some more things on our “to-do” list this weekend, including writing a birth plan. I felt weird writing a birth plan, because honestly, I trust my doctor so much. I just feel like she’ll always do what’s best for me. However, I need to remember that I won’t be dealing with her for most of it; it will be nurses instead, that don’t know me at all. So, a birth plan is a good idea. We found a template online for twins and used that. I think ours is pretty laid back compared to others. Did any of you write a birth plan? Did you find it was helpful? I already know that with a birth plan, you also have to be prepared to throw it all out the window, because birth is unpredictable. But I think it will be a helpful starting point.

Anyway, I think our list is getting closer and closer to done. I have a three day weekend coming up, so I’m going to try and get even more done. I love crossing things off of lists!

I have TWO doctor appointments today. First one was this morning, with my hematologist. If you’ll recall, I have Factor V (five) Leiden, which is a blood clotting disorder that causes my blood to clot too easily. So, all throughout my pregnancy I’ve been giving myself injections of the blood thinner Lovenox each morning. Well, Lovenox lasts 24 hours. Since I am now getting close to when the delivery could happen any day, they need to switch me to a thinner that doesn’t last as long, should I need emergency surgery. So, my hematologist gave me my prescription for Heparin today. It lasts 12 hours instead of 24, which means I have to do two injections a day. Boo. I also have to load the needles up myself, which I’m not looking forward to. The Lovenox needles were pre-loaded with my 60mg of medicine, but with the Heparin, I have to actually use an empty needle and load it up with the tiny vial of medicine. Then I get to tap the needle and squirt out the bubbles like they do on TV. I know; exciting. :)

My second appointment is my bi-weekly OB appointment. I’m wondering if soon she’ll switch me to once a week visits. Ian and I made a list of questions we have for her, and I have them all typed in to my phone so that I won’t forget. If I don’t do this, I ALWAYS forget to ask all of my questions.

I’m excited about my week. Tomorrow I have a facial (using a gift certificate from Ian and my in-laws for my birthday), and Friday I have a manicure pedicure (using ANOTHER gift certificate from my friends Wendy and Jamie). THEN, Saturday I have someone coming in to clean my house! I bought two Groupons for 3 ½ hours of cleaning each, so I’ll use one this weekend and another a few weeks from now. So excited for that! I’ve never had someone clean my house before; it feels super fancy. So, I have a week of pampering ahead of me. Yay!

And, because I like to include pictures whenever I can; here is a photo of my disappearing lap, taken on my subway ride home. Not much room left for my purse, as you can see. Or, maybe you can't see. It's really not a very interesting or good photo.

That’s about it! Enjoy your day!


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