Wednesday, May 18, 2011

weekly wednesday update

How far along? 31 weeks 6 days!

Total weight gain/loss: 24 pounds to date. Not thrilled about that, but whatever. I have another appointment on Tuesday, so we’ll see what happens then.

Stretch marks? Yes.

Maternity clothes? Yep. But today I’m only wearing maternity pants! Ok, that sounded like I WASN’T wearing a top. I am; it’s just not maternity.

Sleep: Last night it was suck-a-roo. Woke up lots, but then also had trouble falling back to sleep after I did wake up. Verrrrrrry sleepy today.

Best moment this week: In childbirth class, we were practicing our breathing exercises, and we did an exercise where we held a handful of ice for 60 seconds and breathed through the pain to see if it helped (it did!). Anyway, Ian and I were breathing together and practicing the techniques and it was just a cool feeling to know that in just a few short (ok, probably 6 regular) weeks we’ll be breathing through my REAL labor pains!

Movement: Yep! They have definitely slowed down in their movement, but a quick Google search (I know, you shouldn’t do that, but oh well) tells me that babies don’t move as much later in the 3rd trimester, because they’re runnin’ out of space. So, since these girls are especially cramped, it makes sense. Though today they are moving plenty. :)

Food cravings: Not really. And today I couldn’t think of ANYthing I wanted for lunch. I ended up ordering lentil soup and a smoothie and an orange, but nothing honestly sounds good. Not even ice cream. I KNOW!

Genders: Still two girls!

Labor Signs: Just the Braxton hicks still, which are definitely happening more often. My uterus is going to be well practiced by the time labor comes!

Belly Button in or out? I think it’s as out as it’s going to get.

What I miss: Not having cankle/fankles. Oh, not familiar with the terminology? Well, basically, my calves are swollen, but so are my ankles and feet. And they’re all the same size; melding in to a cankle/fankle. It’s SO attractive.

Weekly Wisdom: When have a belly that sticks way out, it's WAY easier to drop food on it.

What I am looking forward to: Washing baby clothes. I’m going to tackle that in the next week or so, and it should be fun to wash and fold all the tiny clothes. Also- I have another growth ultrasound on Friday, so I get to see them! Last time they were so squished, you couldn’t really see much, but it’s still nice to see them in some way or another.
Weekly Wisdom: If you have swelling/water retention in your pregnancy, compression stockings DO help a little; though they certainly don’t fix the issue.

Milestones: I feel like I might be running out of “milestones” at this stage of the game. Or at least they won’t be coming so frequently.

And here's me, 31weeks, 6 days!

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror from the front and think "hmm. My belly isn't THAT huge." And then I see my profile, and think "ahhhhh. Ok. Yes, yes it is."

And folks? I still have 6 weeks left...




  1. I second are just a glowing and lovely picture of pending Motherhood! Want me to send some more clothes for you to wash??? xoxo mom