Thursday, May 26, 2011

my unexpected trip

As I mentioned yesterday, I am staying home from work the rest of this week due to the swelling in my legs and feet. It has worked out fine so far; I'm actually able to do a decent amount of work from home, so that's helpful.

On Tuesday when I went to the doctor, they drew some blood to do some tests for other symptoms that may point to preeclampsia. I wasn't too worried, since my blood pressure has been normal, and no protein has shown up in my urine. I DO have Shrek-like feet; but other than that, I feel ok. However, this morning I got a call from my doctor, who said that my blood results were back and that my blood platelet count was low, and that I should go to the hospital right now to get checked out. This can apparently be another indicator of preeclampsia.

I was sort of half listening to her and half panicking in my head. She said the phrase, "I'm hoping we won't have to deliver you today"; something I hadn't really considered until she mentioned it. So, I listened to her tell me that I shouldn't worry too much, that she was just trying to be cautious since my pregnancy was high risk, and something like preeclampsia could progress quickly; so we don't want to miss anything. Still though, she said I should pack a bag in case, because I might need to spend the night.

Once I was off the phone I felt a tad overwhelmed, trying to think of everything I needed to put in my bag; all the while NOT trying to think about my 33 week old babies that would most likely be fine if we had to deliver them, but I'd much rather they stay inside and cook a little longer.

A shower, a change of clothes and a 20 minute car ride later; I was at the hospital. My wonderful husband met me there. It didn't really become very real feeling until I was all checked in, and told to change into my gown and then hooked up to 3 monitors; one for Baby A, one for Baby B, and one to measure contractions. I also had a blood pressure cuff put on. Then it started to feel very real.

Here was the monitor by my bedside:

The heart rates of the babies were awesome, which was good. I had a tiny bit of protein in my urine- but not enough to really indicate preeclampsia. The bed was REALLY uncomfortable. I was so uncomfortable for hours. You're not allowed to lay flat on your back in your 3rd trimester, so I was on my back with a couple of rolled up bedsheets underneath my right hip. After about 20 minutes of laying that way, my left hip and lower back started hurting so badly. But, not much to be done. I tried to shift a couple of times, but that just shifted the babies' heart rate monitors; so I mostly had to stay still.

After a couple of hours, I got some blood drawn, so that they could check my platelet levels again. I had 3 blood pressure readings done; all normal. My feet and legs were still gigantic however.

After more hours of waiting, the high risk OB, Dr. Wong, came in and talked to me about the results. My platelets were now normal. My blood pressure was normal, and so was my urine. So, they were letting me go. All the doctors I spoke to that day, however, made it very clear that I could just be on my WAY to getting preeclampsia, and that I'd have to be monitored closely.

But for today, I got to go home. Home with my babies still safe inside me where they belong. A huge relief.

The doctors both apologized that I had to come in, which I just completely dismissed. I would go to the hospital every day if I had to, to make sure my girls were going to be safe!
All in all, a slightly stressful day; but I feel happy now, knowing that for now they're just fine, and so am I. I don't know yet if I'll have to continue on bed rest; my doctor will probably tell me tomorrow. I'd be ok with it, but it's not my favorite option. Of course I won't fight it; it's just that even these last 2 days of semi-bed rest have been hard and a little boring. So... a possible 4-5 more weeks does NOT sound appealing. We'll see though.

One day at a time.


P.S. If you are having an alcoholic beverage of any type right now, you could go back and re-read this entry and play a drinking game I like to call "take a drink every time Mariah says 'preeclampsia'". Fun for everyone!

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  1. Mariah, I'm so glad you were able to go home tonight. I know it is hard to lay around with your feet up but it will all be worth it. Set yourself up with some Movie marathons. I love the Harry Potter movies there are lots of them or some other series. If you have netflix you can watch an entire season of shows,Take care of yourself. I love reading your blog, It is nice to be able to know how you are doing.

  2. Glad you and the babies are all ok!