Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hot in the city

So, summer has officially descended on New York! It is in the upper 80's today, and VERY humid. Normally it's not my favorite, but it's especially unpleasant while I'm pregnant. It's only going to get warmer though; so I'm glad I won't be pregnant in July and August!

I started back at work today on a "see how it goes" basis. I have to say, my swelling is just as bad as it was last week. Sitting all day; no matter how many little breaks I took, still takes its toll. I have a doctor appointment on Thursday to check back in (check my BP, urine, etc.) and she'll give me her advice about continuing work then.

It's hard, because even though I'm uncomfortable at work; it's so boring at home on bed rest. And so hard to lay there all day with your feet elevated above your heart. So, both have pluses and minuses. Of course, if mine or the babies' safety were at stake, I'd stay home for sure- no question. We'll just have to wait and see what my doctor says.

Today I started my new method of commuting; the express bus. Normally I take the subway to 42nd street and then transfer to the cross town shuttle. With the express bus there are no transfers or subway stairs. Plus, there's no waiting underground in the hot summer for a train. It DOES cost more, and surprisingly takes a little longer because of traffic; but I think it will be good. Less stairs is always good with puffy feet and a super heavy belly!

I wonder if mother nature makes the last bit of pregnancy so uncomfortable, so that you're even MORE excited to meet your baby. If so- it sure is working! :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

~ M

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