Thursday, May 5, 2011


When it comes to giving birth, so far (and don’t quote me on this later), I feel fairly calm about it all. Because really, I feel that there’s only so much I can do; and the rest is just left up to chance/fate/whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

At this point, the obedient Baby A is head down, and she has been for many, many weeks. We joke that she’s the “rule follower” of the two, because she got where she was supposed to go right away, and hasn’t budged. Though she DOES have the larger head of the two. Ow.

Baby B however, is lounging transverse style; which means she is laying horizontally in my uterus- her head on my left side. No one seems overly concerned, saying she could turn at any time, or maybe she’ll turn right after Baby A makes her debut and there’s more room, or, they can turn her manually. OW again. But then I read things about how sometimes they won’t turn, and have to come out via c-section. Which, yes, I’m in the camp of “however the babies need to come out to be healthy is fine with me”, but I’d prefer not to have to give birth vaginally AND have surgery. Though how much of a bad ass would I be if THAT happened? ;)

This all may sound like I’m totally worried; but I’m really not. I have, however, been researching natural ways to make babies turn from transverse to head down, and I think I might try some. A couple of them are yoga poses, or stretches, and then there’s things like placing a frozen bag of peas on your stomach right above the baby’s head, forcing them to turn away from it. So, I might try one of these things to help her find her way.

For now though, she seems to be our non rule-follower, lounging whichever way she pleases. And really, I know what happens will be what is meant to happen, and it’s my plan to just go with the flow with it all as much as possible, and do what feels right. You know, like Baby B. Our sideways chillin’ rebel.


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  1. Hi Mariah! :)

    I realize that things are probably different with twins, but I thought I would share what I am trying to get my baby girl to turn. So...I am currently about 35 weeks, and my baby girl is in the frank breech position. I have started acupuncture, and "moxibustion". I am also going in to meet with a Chiropractor next week for her to perform the Webster Technique. Together, these are supposedly pretty helpful in getting them babies to turn. :) Wish me luck. If she isn't turned by 37 weeks, my doc will be attempting to manually turn her. :)

    I hope that wasn't an info overload. Thanks for allowing us along on your journey. I am so excited for you.


  2. Already you can see the girls have their own personalities! I hope Baby B goes head down soon along with her sister :)