Friday, January 14, 2011


So, even though it’s still a little early for some maternity clothes, I am starting to show a very tiny bit, so I’m starting to look around a little. I am wearing maternity jeans, and maternity work pants, though both are still a tiny bit big (I’m sure not for long!).

I’m not looking for very specific things yet, but here are a few cute things that caught my eye:

Gray tunic from Nordstrom

Gray striped sweater from Nordstrom

Sequin shoulder dress from Nordstrom

Lilac raglan sweater from Gap

Watercolor graphic tee from Old Navy

Tunic from Old Navy

Pink and white striped shirt from Old Navy

I don’t need all of these things of course, and couldn’t afford a couple of them, but it’s fun to look! There are lots of cute places that have maternity clothes, but unfortunately, they either a) don’t have my size, or b) are REALLY pricey. So, I think it will be a lot of Gap/Old Navy stuff.

I also think I’ll do some ebay shopping for used maternity clothes, because honestly, women sometimes sell almost brand new stuff, since you don’t always wear certain items for very long. So I’ll keep my eye out for that too. I love a deal!

This weekend I’m going to go through my closet again. The first time I was pregnant, I went through it and put the clothes that wouldn’t fit me for a while into vacuum seal bags. I think I’ll have more to add due to the totally different season. I think once I do that I’ll realize just how few clothes I will have fairly soon; but it will be nice to have all the stuff that won’t fit me out of the way.

I honestly think that this bump is going to grow pretty fast. I know it tends to sneak up on you anyway, but then you add another baby into the mix and I bet it grows faster than I can imagine. So, gotta make room in the closet now!

Have a lovely 3 day weekend everyone!



  1. JCPenney (online) has a decent selection (in all sizes) and sometimes the stores do too. And Target! Ebay is a great idea too. Looking is half the fun and your right, your bump will be expanding in no time :)

  2. hey mama! my mat clothing tip is that Gap Maternity ALWAYS has sales, and the sales are GOOD. i think they are more in store than online (because maternity is just a wee corner of the store, so i think they are always looking to clear things out to make space for new stuff.) I have gotten shirts for $6, pants for $7... it's really awesome. i would just suggest stopping in regularly and raiding the sale area. :) (I did it jus this week!)

  3. There is a motherhood maternity outlet around the corner from my house, let me know if you want me to look for anything! xoxox So excited to start making something for the babies!

  4. super cute! we have one H&M store here in seattle that has maternity clothes (the line is called Mama) ... i'm sure there has to be one H&M in manhattan that has maternity too ... they're very affordable and have my favorite fitting pants (full panel that you can roll down in the 2nd tri ... they also have these buttons on the sides that you can adjust to fit you really well). i've also been living in old navy and gap long sleeved tees. they're kinda casual but look a little dressed up with a cardigan thrown over the top. target has my favorite jeans, of all places!