Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I tried so many different ways to start this blog entry off in a witty way.

I'd type 3 or 4 sentences, re-read what I wrote, and then hit DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. Start over. Not quite right.

Nothing was coming out the way I wanted; nothing was sounding good enough to describe how I am feeling.

How am I feeling?


You guys- we did it! I'm pregnant!!

The nurse called me yesterday afternoon and gave me the news. I didn't believe her. I made her repeat it while I ran to find an empty office so that I could shed my tears of joy in private. I just started shaking and thanking her over and over again. Laughing and crying and smiling bigger than I thought possible. We DID it!

I promptly called Ian and he didn't answer, so I just sent him an email that simply said "IM PREGNANT!!" in the subject line. Yes, in my haste, I didn't even give a damn that I forgot the apostrophe. He called me back and we both just laughed and said "I can't believe it!" and shed a few more tears of joy. I then broke the cardinal rule and called my mom and brother and a couple of my closest friends. Hey- I figure, if we're blogging it, might as well tell people.

After stopping off at the store to buy Ian a jar of olives so that he could FINALLY, after over a year, enjoy his drink of choice- a gin martini, I walked in on this scene, and a BIG hug from Ian:

Also, Ian had set up a video camera, to document the first time we saw each other after hearing the news. :)

If you're wondering what is next to the flowers, well, it's pretty darn cute. He got the baby its first baby food (though, we know we won't keep it until the baby actually needs it. It's symbolic, y'all. :) )

And, baby's first toy. A little whale for the tub.

I have THE cutest husband in the world.

Then, Ian made himself a martini, and made me a diet ginger ale- straight up with a twist of lime. :)

(Please excuse how messy our counter is.) We ordered in dinner and just beamed the rest of the night.

I went to bed early Sunday night, because we had to get up EARLY on Monday for the blood test. Yes, "we". My sweet, sweet husband wanted to go with me and take me out to breakfast afterwards, so that we could tell baby the day we found out that he/she was coming in to our lives, we could say we had breakfast together that morning. Mind you, at this point, we had no idea I was pregnant, and I frankly wasn't optimistic.

I've never been more happy to be wrong.

I woke up this morning at 2:30am and decided that I wanted to take a home pregnancy test so that I could see the word "pregnant" come up on the screen. I was a little nervous, b/c it was possible that not enough HCG had built up in my system to get a positive result. But, this is what I was greeted with at 2:30am:

The best word EVER. :)

We are VERY aware that we're not out of the woods yet. With my PCOS and blood clotting issues, we have to be aware that problems could arise. This would be really sad. BUT, it is some comfort to know that we did it on our own- no IUI, no IVF- just some drugs and a KICK ASS doctor. So, I know we could do it again.

For now, we're just going to enjoy knowing that after over a year of trying, lots of tears and stress and heartache, I've got a little tiny poppyseed sized baby inside me right now, and I just can't WAIT to go on this journey with my little family.

NOTE- VERY IMPORTANT: While we are telling the few of you that read this blog, and also close friends and family members, we don't want to tell EVERYone. So, if you're mine or Ian's facebook friends, please don't post anything about this yet, and please don’t crazy telling people. :) I realize that sounds silly since I'm putting this in a blog, but right now I don't have a ton of readers as far as I know, so, we just want to keep the news semi-quiet-ish until the 12 week mark. Thanks everyone. :)




  2. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!! I'll be thinking of your little family! Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey. All the best! YAY!! :)

  4. ON MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! i know i don't know you, but i teared up when i read this. i know your baby is going to be so appreciated and so loved. congratulations, mama!!!

  5. ohmigod. i am emailing you right now.

  6. I am so happy for you and Ian! You are both such amazing people. You have stayed "on the journey" and have done everything requested and required of you. I am talking to this little "poppyseed" every day..send Grandma love and saying I can't wait to meet you. Kathy and I had the best talk last night. It appears we are both pretty much in awe and in love with you and Ian...and the poppyseed. So sweet of Ian to celebrate in that way. We are all with you as we wait for the news that all is well and you can breathe again. xoxo mom

  7. Very happy, lady. I'd hoped this blog would have some kind of happy ending...but it appears that you're going to have to find something new to blog about in the future. Which, I suppose, is a good problem to have. ;)

  8. Congrats!! My prayers & best wishes for all to go well!!

  9. So spectacular. I am beaming across the country! I hope if it's a girl, you name her Poppy :)