Monday, June 28, 2010

let's start at the very beginning

So, my uber cycle is finally over. It lasted a whopping 85 days, but it's DONE. It started on April 3rd! Holy cow.

Now we are on day 2 of a brand new cycle, and I'm pleased to be done with the cycle that would never end. I called my Dr. this morning and we now have an action plan for this new cycle.

So, it's quite similar to the end of my last cycle- I'll be starting clomid and dexamethasone on day 4 through day 10. Then, on day 13, I'll go in for a sonogram to see if my little follicle is all ready to go, and also to do another post coital test to see if the baking soda is working to not kill sperms. So, you guys, I could potentially have a normal cycle this time! I'm not going to get ahead of myself, but I think it's entirely possible. A cycle over in a month? Crazy talk. We'll see. :)


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  1. that would be so excellent! and more chances! here's to a great new cycle! (you should name this new cycle ... :) ... that's what i started doing. i don't know why, but it kind of helped me think about it as a chunk of time rather than a huge feat.