Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the fair

Hey, you know where they DON'T have healthy food?

At fairs.

But that's ok. :) We still had a really good time in Peekskill, NY at the carnival. Well, we didn't do many carnival things, b/c well, it was pretty much just kids and fried food and rides. And rides are EXPENSIVE! We were going to go on the ferris wheel, but figured it would be $10 a piece to ride it! um, no. We packed a little lunch of healthy food and ate it at a picnic table in a nearby park. Then we wandered around Peekskill to see what we could see. There wasn't much, honestly. Walked a few miles, got a little sunburn (it was HOT!), and had some really good conversations with my man. Took a train ride, and just generally had a lovely little day.
I have a Dr. appointment today. We're going to make sure the antibiotic killed the ureaplasma and I'm going to ask him about my next cycle and maybe clomid and ask about IUI and if he thinks I need that. Still haven't ovulated, so we'll see what he says about that as well.
Anyway, very happy to have had a 3 day weekend! I hope you're all well!


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