Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the waiting game

Sorry it's been a couple of days since my last post, but, well, I'm just sitting here waiting to see if we managed to knock me up. It's a long, tedious wait. Ok, I only have 7 more days, but still. It FEELS long. And.. the universe's cruelest joke? Pregnancy symptoms are the same as PMS symptoms. Yep. So, you can be like, "OMG! I'm totally nauseated!" or "YAY, a headache and cramps!" because you just finished googling "early pregnancy symptoms" and whaddya know! There they are! Oh... but, then you google "PMS symptoms"... and...whaddya know.... there they are again.

So really? There's just no way to tell. Some women are all, "Oh, I just knew." Yeah. I have a feeling that won't be me.

Ian went to the urologist yesterday to discuss his sperm morphology, etc. After an exam he said it doesn't seem as though there's anything physically wrong, which is good. He did, however, tell us about eleventy billion tests that would be good for him to do to help determine things like: Does his body create anti-sperm antibodies that kill the sperm? Do his sperms have good, healthy DNA structures? Etc., etc. And, I guess it's probably good for us to do these tests to rule things out. But, they are SPENDY. I'm hoping that they're somewhat covered by our insurance. We aren't going to do them until after I take my test on Wednesday though.

Man, conceiving can be COMPLICATED! There are so many things that can be wrong- it's crazy!

Oh, also, I don't know if I should take this as an omen or not, but today I got an email with this title:

"June Sale at‏"


That's ok, But thanks for the offer.

In the body of the email they also asked me if I wanted to look at the gallery of positive pregnancy test photos.

Um, no.

That's like asking an alcoholic, "Hey, wanna look at this gallery of ice cold refreshing beer photos?"

Ok, it's not EXACTLY the same, but c'mon! Jeez.

Anyway- just continuing to wait, and wait. 7 days? Suddenly the rest of this so far 75 day cycle doesn't seem so long....



  1. yay yay yay! i know how those 7 days can feel like forever ... eat some pineapple! ;) ... like 5 big slices a day.

    sending good baby vibes to you!

  2. Kate- So, on the pineapple, I had some core three days in a row, but no pineapple. I feel like I've read mixed things about the actual pineapple- like, the core contains bromeline which helps with implantation, but the actual fruit can cause uterine contractions? I'm confused about pineapple.

  3. i never knew the thing about the uterine contractions! i need to do some more research. :) ... i did hear the core is the best part to help with implantation.

  4. yes! core but only the first 4 days after O... after that nix the pineapple.. this is what i was told. :) and, WAHOOOOO!

  5. I just love you so much!

  6. Thanks, Michele! And I love you too, Mom! :)