Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok, so, the doctor's appointment went really well! He did a sonogram of my insides and saw that I had a healthy, mature follicle on my right ovary! WOOT! So, they gave me a shot to trigger the ovulation, and I should ovulate in the next two days. YES! So, that is very, very exciting to me. I'll be taking progesterone starting on the 16th to support the pregnancy (if one is achieved) and then going in for a blood pregnancy test the following week. I suspect that will be a very long week and a half!

So, why the title "DOA" you ask? (oh, you forgot that was the title, and you don't really care? Well, too bad! You're going to hear it!) Anyway, it appears as though, having PCOS and poor sperm morphology wasn't QUITE enough cards stacked against us. It seems as though, my cervical mucus is acidic and is killing all of the sperms as soon as they arrive! Um, WHAT? Yep. The doc even showed them to me on a slide. A whole bunch of spermies and they were all dead. Sigh. The good news? It's a fairly easy fix! I just have to…umm.. (I hate this word) douche with baking soda and water and it makes it all alkaline and friendly for the guys! So, that's good news- I hope it works!

Anyway, I'm very hopeful about all of this. I am definitely going to ovulate in the next few days, and that's nice to know- no more guessing! And, there's a plan. It feels good when there's a plan.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me! And have a lovely weekend!



  1. yay yay yay!!! this is such excellent news!!! i'm so excited for you, and your mature & happy follicle! :) this plan is so great and exciting!

  2. LADY! i am so excited for you! yay for that good egg!

  3. Fingers crossed, praying, all of it. Very excited for you. :) Glad you took care of your killer CM. Seriously, what the heck?