Wednesday, June 8, 2011

weekly wednesday update

How far along? 34 weeks 6 days!

Total weight gain/loss: I got weighed last week and had gained another 7. Sigh. I really hate this fluid retention. Total gain thus far- 41 pounds. Which I know is still totally reasonable for twins, and that a lot of it is water; but still. C'mon body!

Stretch marks? Yes.

Maternity clothes? Yep. This Friday is my last day in the office before the babies come, so I just have to squeeze a few more uses out of my work clothes. Then it's jammies and sundresses and jeans for me for the rest of this pregnancy!

Sleep: The same. I am thinking I might try to nap during the day once I'm off work to help make up for the lack of sleep I get at night.

Best moment this week: Not really one best; but many good ones with Ian when we'd just be talking and one of us would say, "We are going to have babies any day now! Whoa!" Pretty darn exciting. :)

Movement: Yep! They're pretty active still, but it's obvious that they are running out of room. It's crazy though; since they're getting bigger- when they shift it can really change the shape of my belly!

Food cravings: Yesterday I thought corn on the cob sounded good; but I think that's more because it's summer food :)

Genders: Still two girls!

Labor Signs: Definitely having more Braxton Hicks contractions. But cervix is still closed.

Belly Button in or out? Semi-out and just odd looking.

What I miss: Being able to get off the couch or out of bed easily. It's quite the process nowadays! :)

Weekly Wisdom: Although I felt guilt about leaving work before my due date, I know it's for the best. It's just getting too hard to do the commute in the morning, especially with swollen legs.

What I am looking forward to: Babies! And seeing my mom (who is coming for the birth) and then after that my mother in law. Lots of quality mom/daughter/grandma time!

Milestones: I was wondering when this was going to happen, and it finally has. Complete strangers asking me when I'm due. :) Seems to happen daily now. And most people now also say something like "well, you MUST be having twins." Good thing I am; or that'd be insulting!

And here's me, 34 weeks, 6 days! Last photo in the work bathroom!

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. You look so great!!! You are glowing, no matter what you say. I can't believe people say you must be having twins. I mean you are, but still, what if you weren't?? I know I shouldn't be surprised, but really people? Never cease to amaze, do they. I think it's so great that you will done working after this week. That is smart. A daily nap will be wonderful. Good to get in the habit of, as you really should "nap when the babies nap". Ah, so much easier said than done, but really good advice all the same.

  2. You look so cute and happy! And you are so, so close to having your babies :)
    Good for you for taking a little time off for yourself before the girls arrive! Are you planning to return to work after they are born?

  3. You are so so close! My how the time has "flown". 35 weeks tomorrow!!!! Just so excited for all 4 of you! You look really beautiful, M!!!

  4. Hello beautiful daughter! I am so glad you are taking some time for yourself before the girls come to rest and finish off that "to do list." : ) Won't be long now! Better get my bag packed! xoxox MOM

  5. Yay! you look incredible! So happy and so ready to be a mamma. Am pleased to hear that you will get time off work to rest and get ready.

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