Friday, June 10, 2011

a big decision

So, yesterday I went to my weekly doctor's appointment and it was fairly routine. Blood pressure still really good, so no preeclampsia still. Which is a very good thing! Just legs that keep holding more fluid; just when you think they can hold no more.

Then we started talking about the due date, and how if things kept up this way (nothing happening cervix-wise, and baby A still not dropping down further), that I'd for sure make it to 38 weeks. But THEN she said in the same breath "but since the babies are such a good size, I could always induce you a week earlier at 37 weeks since you're so uncomfortable."

Wha? She has never mentioned anything like this before; probably because twin pregnancies quite often don't even make it THIS far. I was kind of shocked, and instantly confused about how to respond. She told me to take the week and think it over, and let her know next week.

Now, as I was getting dressed to leave, and as it took almost 10 minutes to put my pants, shoes and socks on due to my lack of ability to really bend my legs or ankles anymore; I have to admit it sounded tempting to go one week earlier. Get rid of this water. But, since I'm done with work after today, I'm hoping that things will improve and I'll get a tiny bit more comfortable.

If we DID decide to do it, they'd test their lungs the day before to make sure they were mature, and then the next day they'd induce. It's a hard decision! On the one hand, they always say that at 37 weeks, a baby is fully cooked. And if they truly are over 5 pounds now (baby A almost 6) then they'll be even better off in two more weeks.

Then again, they always say you should keep babies in as long as you can; it's the best place for them.

Then AGAIN, my thighs are currently the size of my former waist; my calves and ankles the same size as my former thighs. And my feet- well, I can't see any veins or bones anymore. And it's all very uncomfortable. So, if things don't get better now that I'm done working- I'll be tempted to just go for it one week early.

So- that's our decision we need to make by next Wednesday at my appointment. It seems like such a big decision! Like playing God or something. I feel like it's a lot of pressure. Even though it's only one week sooner; it feels like a big deal.

In the meantime, this weekend will be full of lots of resting, thinking and discussing.

Bottom line; we're either meeting these girls in 2 or 3 weeks from today. And that's pretty darn exciting. :)


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Have a great weekend!

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  1. twins! oh my goodness. how exciting. i'm due, only with one, in 6 weeks and i am scared/excited/and everything in between...