Saturday, June 18, 2011

to tide you over

Today was our last day in the hospital and tonight is my last night. We are checking out tomorrow morning/early afternoon, and I'm so excited! Our days have pretty much been full of feeding, pumping, changing, eating and then repeating. We haven't yet been able to achieve (nor have we really tried) feeding them both at the same time, so each feeding takes 30 minutes or so. Then we switch to the next baby while someone changes the first one. Then they usually nap. Then, we repeat it about 60-90 minutes later.

So, needless to say, I don't have a huge long blog post for you. What I DO have, is some ridiculously cute photos to tide you over in the meanwhile. I have a plan to write down the birth story and the story of the hospital (probably in 2-3parts) in the next day or so, mostly so I don't forget anything. So, I'll be sharing that shortly.

But for now, you can just look at cute babies. :)



  1. You know....newborns are not all cute, they just aren't. YOUR newborns, however I can't get over it. I think of you ALL the time and I can't wait until we are able to chat again, but I'm totally patient. Just know you are all on my mind and LOVE you all.