Thursday, June 9, 2011

they're a growin'

Well, today I had my final growth scan for the girls, and the girls made great progress! The last ultrasound was done at 32 weeks, and at that time, here were their estimated weights:

Baby A: 4 pounds 11 oz
Baby B: 4 pounds 2 oz

And this morning:

Baby A: 5 pounds 14 oz
Baby B: 5 pounds 2 oz

Grow, babies grow! If these weights are accurate (which, who knows...) then I've got 11 pounds of baby I'm carrying around! Wowzers. :)

We've hit 35 weeks! We're so close to the end, it's crazy! In two weeks they'll be considered "fully cooked", and in 3 (if I haven't delivered on my own), I'll be induced. So, the longest we'll have to wait at this point to meet our two daughters, is 3 weeks! This is so wild and just unreal to me. I look around at our house and see that we're ready technically. Crib, diapers, monitors, clothes; we're all set. But as far as the whole "parent" thing goes; well, that's just uncharted territory right there! I'm excited, but wow. Two new lives we're responsible for, in just 3 weeks!

Tomorrow is my last day in the office, which is good. It's been very hot here the last few days, which isn't helping with the swelling. But, I sit on my butt for most of the day, every day when I'm at work, so I believe that contributes to the swelling the most. So, not having to do that will be a great help. It's crazy that I won't be at work after tomorrow! My how life is about to change in so many ways....

Speaking of work, Ian's co-workers threw him a surprise baby shower yesterday. I was part of the surprise. One of his co-workers, Sarah, called me several weeks ago telling me the plan. He was very surprised to see me there! They did such a good job! It had a theme; superheroes. If you know Ian at all, you know he has enjoyed comic books and superheroes his whole life, so it was a very thoughtful theme. When I arrived, I was made to put on a homemade "supermom" cape, and then when Ian walked in and got over his initial shock, he donned his "superdad" cape. Pretty darn cute:

They had lots of treats to snack on and beer, and of course baby gifts. Just so sweet of them! And I think the cape suits him well. I do believe he'll be a pretty darn super dad. :)

Well, that's about all that is new around here! We're just anxious with anticipation and excited for the next few weeks and what they'll bring!

We love you, baby girls, and we just can't wait to meet you!


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