Monday, June 13, 2011

me and you (and soon, plus two)

So, Ian and I have come to the shocking realization, that no matter what we decide about delivery; in no more than 2 1/2 weeks we will have two babies living with us.

I know, right?? This hits us a little harder every day. Not in a bad way; just in a "WHOA...crazy!" way. The biggest change we've faced in our lives thus far is less than 3 weeks away. Bigger than moving in together, bigger than getting married, bigger than moving all the way across the country. Maybe the biggest we'll ever face.

We both have some anxieties about it all, but I won't focus on that today. Today I want to talk about my best friend and husband; Ian.

It seems so crazy that these are our last few days together, just the two of us. Sometimes I get really sad about this; not because I'm not thrilled to be having these girls- of course I am!- but just because I'll miss the "just us" feeling.

I wish I wasn't so insanely uncomfortable and pretty much couch ridden so that we could do more fun things our last few weeks. See a movie or a show, or have dinner and wander around town. Alas, this probably won't happen, as these days it is an effort to walk (or, actually sort of waddle) across the apartment. :(

Ian is my best friend, the funniest, most considerate, sweetest guy I know, and I feel so lucky to have him as my husband. I will miss the "just us" time for sure; but I know that our marriage is one of our top priorities, and that we're both going to make a big effort to make sure we make time for each other whenever we can. We also will make sure we keep the lines of communication open, which I think is crucial. I know it will be really hard; I'm not naive about that. I just know it's a big priority of ours.

He is going to be the best dad. Seriously. He'll be fun, stern when he needs to, silly, supportive, loving and always there for them. I can't wait to see him do his dad thing. I know he's going to rock it.

So, even though our days are numbered as "just the two of us"; I am so looking forward to a new chapter when we're a family of four. Because I think it's going to be pretty frickin' awesome.


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  1. You continue to amaze me with your insight about relationships and the depth of the love you have for Ian. You two are the most balanced couple I know, and you will be such rockin' parents! I know it will sometimes be hard to make the time for you and Ian, but somehow, I know you will make it happen. Love is so amazing! The more love you give the more it grows, and then you have more love...just loving you..Mom
    ps. I can hardly wait!!!

  2. It is a strange realization. I remember that one. It was when my mother in law came about two weeks before our son was born. I realized that those last few days before she came would really be the last days of "just us" for a looong time. But in a way it's a glorious feeling because you know that the twins will be just an extension of your an Ian's love and relationship (more team members!). And when you're ready you can plan a weekend getaway just the two of you, but chances are you'll miss your girls like crazy. P.S. Congrats on getting along so far with twins! Definitely something to be proud of!!!

  3. you guys are so cute!!!! you're going to be amazing parents. so happy for you. i know that feeling of mourning the "just the two of us" feeling ... that was sad for us too. but it will be SOOOOOO cool to see each other in the parent role. it's such an amazing thing. after being with john for 10 years i am realizing he has new amazing qualities i never would have known before. love to you both!