Friday, May 21, 2010

google isn't always your friend

Especially when you're trying to get pregnant. I have googled SO many things. Today, I decided to google about the antibiotic I'm taking for my ureaplasma, doxycycline. First of all, I hate this antibiotic. It is wicked. I almost threw up on the subway the first morning I took it, and then the following morning at home, I actually DID throw up. It's harsh stuff.

So, I googled "doxycycline and pregnancy". You see, even though I'm on day 48 of my cycle and no ovulation yet, I'm still hopeful that we'll be able to time it right. However, then I read this:

"Doxycycline is typically not recommended for women who are expecting. The medicine may cause permanent tooth discoloration in the child, and may even affect bone formation. If pregnancy occurs while you are taking doxycycline, make sure to talk to your health care provider about the potential risks and benefits of using this antibiotic."

Ok. Well, I'm NOT expecting, and I actually finish this antibiotic on Sunday morning, but still. Permanent tooth discoloration? YES, there are worse things, but that would suck. I have no idea if that means that my egg is affected this cycle, or what. But, it worries me just a little bit. See, Google- not always your friend.

Anyway, I have to take the tough stuff, because this is the 2nd time I've had it, so- have to get rid of it. I really hate drugs though. I wish with all of my heart that my damn cycle would just regulate itself, and that I wouldn't have to take fertility drugs. Seriously; I went in to this saying "I never want to take fertility drugs." Ha. Little did I know my body was going to be so uncooperative.

Also, I googled "is it possible to ovulate without seeing a temperature rise"; thinking- hey, maybe it's possible, and I've actually ovulated, but there's just no temp shift!

yeah, it's not possible.


Today I decided to enter the 21st century, and start charting my cycles online instead of only on paper. I'll still do paper, so that I can take them in to my acupuncturist for her to add to my charts, but doing it on a computer you can keep track of so many different factors going on that specific day. I took a cue from my new friend Kate, over at
the kid thing. She always posts her charts from fertility friend. So, I'm gonna give it a whirl this weekend and enter all of my cycles since June of '09. I'm nerdily kind of excited.

I'm in a slightly better mood than I was yesterday. Yesterday was a hard day. Many tears on my part- for no real specific reason. I think maybe I'm happier because today is Friday, and Fridays are awesome! It's lovely here in New York today; 82 and sunny.

Hey, you know what I noticed? I start a lot of sentences with "So,...". I only did it once in this post, but I noticed in going back in other posts that I tend to do that. Isn't that so interesting?


? ?

Ok, no.

Aaaaaaaanyway, that's all. This is a very random post. And fairly uninteresting. And just kind of jumps around a lot. Sorry 'bout that.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I might write an entry this weekend if I do happen to ovulate. (Keep your fingers crossed!!!)



do you want to see the cutest thing ever totally unrelated to fertility?

ok, here you go!

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  1. fingers crossed! i hope you ovulate this weekend too! i'm going to send good vibes ...

    thanks for the blog mention in your post. :) ... i have a love/hate r'ship with fertility friend. it's super easy to log what's going on and has worked well for me, but in my opinion, it always tells you to test too early ... falsely getting my hopes up! i just take that with a grain of salt ... as well as the "early pregnancy predictor!" signs ... it's like ... pleeaaaase, pleease, don't start predicting things for me! not nice to somebody who's struggling.

    it does have this cool little feature where you can overlay all your charts, once you get a few in there ... to compare them together. it's pretty handy!