Monday, May 10, 2010

fasting and bruising

So, this morning I had to fast until I went in to the lab at 11:30 to get blood drawn. Now, there have been plenty of days I didn't eat breakfast or didn't eat until like 10:00 or 10:30 if I got caught up at work and just didn't have time. But for some reason waiting until 11:30 today was really hard. Probably psyched myself out a bit. I was SO hungry! Anyway, they are testing my glucose, insulin and blood type. So, we'll see! I ate as soon as I got back and now I'm TIRED. Yawnnnn......

Also, I got blood taken at my last appt. (on Wednesday with Super D) and the nurse like mangled my arm (click to enlarge):

Ow! It totally hurts still. What's that? You can't really see the bruise because you're totally blinded by my pasty white not-toned arms? Hmph. Well, it's there, trust me.

Anyway, today the other arm was used and so far it looks like she did better- no bruise yet. But you can see the needle hole:

What's that? You think I'm a big baby for posting pictures of my tiny injuries? Well, first of all, aren't we rude today, and second of all, ppbbbbbbbbbbttttttt!

ALSO- it's only Monday? How is this possible? Gah.

Also Also, I have jury duty this week! I'm kind of excited about it! I know, that's dorky, but something about it always seems kind of exciting. It's on Thursday and I'd guess Friday too, but I don't know yet.

I'll bring my laptop with me though, so DON'T YOU WORRY! I'll still be able to post. I know. For a second you were all like "WHAT??? But if she's in jury duty, how will we get access to updated photos of her pasty white arms?" But no fear. I'll still be around.


P.S. In case you're keeping track- day 37- no ovulation. sigh.


  1. Day 37!! Jeez louise, Friend. Come on ovaries!! Well, I for one am proud of you for dealing with all the poking and prodding since I know how much you love needles. And nice to have the bruise pic for posterity. Go Team Preggers!!

  2. if i had my camera around, i'd upload a picture of my pasty ass arms as an act of solidarity. :)