Monday, May 3, 2010


I was recently given an award from Michele of the the lady is in. An award you guys! :) It's an honesty award, and because I won this award, I'm supposed to tell you 10 things about myself. I'm guessing it has to be 10 honest things. I mean, that would make sense given the title of the award. Hmm. I'm also guessing since I have like 3 readers, that you all know these 10 things, but here goes:

1. My middle name is Anne. Please don't forget the "e".

2. I used to drive a really awesome 1970 light yellow VW Beetle. I wish I had known anything about VW's to keep it running, because it was a super cute car- I loved it. But it broke down a LOT.

3. I love the city, but I'd really like to live in the country some day. Not SO far out that I couldn't get to a fairly decent sized town in under an hour though.

4. I also fantasize about living in a small town. But in my mind, the small town is extremely quaint and everyone knows everyone and is fabulously quirky. I MAY have watched too many episodes of Gilmore Girls. (But seriously guys, if you haven't seen that show, it's AWESOME. And I want to live in Stars Hollow.)

5. A few years back, I started painting my fingernails and toes bright cherry red. Now, on the rare occasion that I get a manicure or a pedicure, I find it hard to choose any other color.

6. When I see a kitty, it's REALLY hard for me not to pick it up. Even when people are like "oh, they don't really like to be picked up. " I usually try anyway. I love kitties. Even if they bite me.

7. I am 1/4
Lumbee Indian.

8. I have a new pet peeve since moving to New York; cutting your fingernails in public. It's just not ok, you guys. Just not ok.

9. I think it would be fun to live in so many parts of the world. I'd love to live in Northern California some day, or Arizona or New Mexico (because I think deserts are beautiful), or Maine, because I'd love to live on the beach in Maine. Italy, Ireland, London, Paris… so many places, so little time! I probably won't get to live all these places, but I sure hope to visit.

10. I am so excited to someday be a mother. And I'm excited for every stage; babies, toddlers, kindergarten, family vacations, school dances, high school, college… all of it. I just am so looking forward to it.

Thanks, Michele!



  1. I know hundreds of things about Mariah. Just a few she didn't mention:
    1. When she was a baby, she had a reaction to all kinds of milk. Even breast milk. She had many hours of awake time as a result of that. We spent a lot of time together, and I talked to her and sang to her all the time. So, she talked at a very young age, and even knew how to sing baa baa black sheep..have you any wools before she was 15 months old. Brilliant child, and pretty cute too.
    2. She was the best older sister to her little brother. She looked out for him, taught him everything, and could always make him laugh.
    3. She loved theme birthday parties. One year we had a dress up party and all of her friends dressed up in stuff we had in the "dress up clothes bin." The little girls all used pastel pens to write fun things on a white sheet, and that was a precious memory for her.
    4. Mariah has a very big and generous heart. She loves big! She remembers your special days, and celebrates you.
    5. Mariah is very hard on herself. She works very hard at achieving her goals, and she has done many amazing things in her life. The people in her life who love her, know this about her, and always encourage her to cut herself some slack.
    6. Mariah is an amazing singer. Everytime I listened to her sing in a musical theatre performance, I either cried, got goosebumps, or both. She has the voice of an angel. I hope she gets to keep singing. I think it is crucial to her.
    7. Other than a very brief time during her teen years, : ) she is the most wonderful and loving and amazing daughter that any Mom could ever want to have. I am blessed.
    8. Mariah chose Ian to be her life partner, and he is a loving and supportive husband and friend. I always feel good about the fact that I know he is taking good care of her and loving her. She is a good "picker" of a partner.
    I just realized I could go on and on, but I will end with " I love you" and as much as I can be there to support you in this part of your life journey, I am there for you. Mom

  2. Okay... I came here to comment, but ended up getting all teary reading your Mom's WONDERFUL additions to your list. Well done, Mom. What love.

    And... people in NYC cut their nails IN PUBLIC?! No way. That's too much disgusting.

  3. Mom- thank you for this beautiful comment! I LOVE it! :) And I love you.

    Michele- They cut their nails on the subway, Michele! It's so gross!!

  4. I got hit in the head by a flying fingernail once. It was icky.