Wednesday, May 26, 2010

think high, y'all!

My temp dipped quite low last night, so I'm PRAYING that means it's going to spike up tonight! For those of you unfamiliar with charting Basal Body Temps (BBT), often times the day before ovulation, the temp dips low. Is this the first time it's dipped low this cycle, you ask? No. So, am I perhaps getting my hopes up for nothing? Oh, yes, it's quite possible. But I'm choosing to think positive.

So, everyone, think "high temp" thoughts for me tonight. I really really want to ovulate!




  1. i will totally be sending high temp vibes! aagggh! don't you hate the waiting while the thermometer is in your mouth for it to beep? i feel like, "if i stress out too much from anticipation and my blood pressure rises or something, with that read as a high temp?" EEEE. fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

  2. Kate- totally! Sometimes when I can't find my thermometer in the dark, and I have to sit up a tiny bit to find it, I'm like "OH no! I just sat up! My temp will probably go up now!" Ha. Fun times. :)

  3. i'm convinced mine was so "rocky mountains" for so long because the cats got me up at different times each morning.

    this morning that happened at 4:00 am and i was like, "well, better do it now ... it's only going to get higher if i wait to do it in an hour or two"