Friday, April 23, 2010

super doctor!

So, I think I've mentioned in previous posts that in May, I have an appointment with a totally awesome reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Sami David.

I read his book, Making Babies, at the suggestion of my acupuncturist. He was the first doctor in New York to perform a successful IVF, and it was the last one he ever performed. He now has quickly turned against IVF as the standard method for combating infertility, and works on identifying and treating the underlying cause of infertility. He co-wrote the book with Jill Blakeway who is a board-certified herbalist and Chinese medicine practitioner. This is so awesome to me; that he is so open minded about the Eastern medicine side as well, since I've been doing acupuncture and herbs for almost a year now.

He's had all sorts of success with women who come in and have tried IVF's multiple times, with no pregnancy. He's helped hundreds of women conceive when they thought they couldn't.

Anyway, to say that I'm excited to meet him is an understatement. I feel like I'm probably putting too much hope into meeting him and working with him, but it really is exciting. I get to have an appointment with a doctor that wrote a really wonderful book! I faxed my entire history (medical records and cycle charts) over to him a few weeks ago, because he likes to look at all of that stuff in advance. Ian is going with me for the first appointment, and I'm excited about that, too. He's been so supportive and helpful, but it will be nice to have him there with me.

So, I'm hoping he really is my super doctor! We'll soon see. :)

P.S. Also, he's totally been on TV.

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  1. how cool! can't wait to hear how it goes. it would be so refreshing to see an RE who's open minded like that! awesome! also refreshing that he wants to learn about you before you come in. very cool!