Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I hate them.


Ok, yes, I realize we "need" them to "live" and stuff. But I really hate them.

Mine are completely out of whack, which of course causes my PCOS.

Before I knew that I had PCOS, I would joke about having PMS for 2-4 weeks. Turns out, I probably did. Because I'm on day 18 today (no ovulation yet- wheee!) and feel really tired, really weepy, really bloated, BLAH. Stupid hormones. Because if I had a normal cycle, I'd only have a week or so of this, maybe less. But nope! If this progresses like my "usual" cycles, this stupid dumb part of my cycle will now continue for ever and ever.

Stupid dumb, stupid-head hormones.

Also, apparently PMS appears to make me act like I'm 5 years old.

Also, it feels weird to call it PMS, since who knows when I'll actually ovulate. Maybe I should call it PPMS (pre-PMS).




  1. Hah, funny picture choice. :)

  2. I always call it losing my mf-ing mind. It sure feels like it. Hang in there, girlie.

  3. Jenny- Yes, it sure does! Thanks. :)