Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the picky girl's diet.

So I've decided that I need more structure to my eating plan (I am someone who really needs structure), so I've decided to do something similar to the south beach diet.

I say "something similar" because I can't do the south beach diet as it's written, being that it's all full of dairy (can't do) and fish (eww. WON'T do).

So, I'm just sticking to the rules of the first 2 weeks which is basically no starches and no fruit. I can have protein and veggies and beans and nuts.

Eating no starches or fruit is hard. I like fruit. I'm a little more used to the no starches- though I will miss my gluten free bread and pasta.

I'm still doing it, but it's hard.

especially when there is a breakfast for the executives at work this morning and they have all this leftover food and they say "hey assistants, come eat whatever you like!"

and then you go look at the spread (because you like to torture yourself apparently) and it's all full of cinnamon rolls and granola and yogurt (really good, greek yogurt) and tiny boxes of frosted flakes and cocoa krispies and croissants and scones and muffins.


I think I'll just go make some tea.



(Also, I think I could make a lot of money if I started a "PCOS picky girl's diet". No gluten, no sugar, no dairy, no fish, no gross stuff. Because I looked for this book at Borders yesterday, and it shockingly doesn't exist! All these diet books include dairy or fish and they expect you to do things like marinate stuff. um, no.)

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  1. well done with the self-discipline lady! i have a hard time resisting, especially when it's free! :)