Wednesday, March 2, 2011

weekly wednesday update

How far along? 20 weeks 6 days! Since we switched the due date at my last ultrasound, I'm 5 days ahead of where I would have been.

Total weight gain/loss: Haven't weighed myself since my last Tuesday doctor appointment, but as of then, I was up 4 pounds.

Stretch marks? Yes. Sad Face. I thought I was going to escape them, since my mom didn't have them, but nope. I don't have a TON yet, but given that it's only March... well, I expect more.

Maternity clothes? I wore a non maternity sweater today. I thought it looked fine before I left, but now I'm seeing that it's not quite long enough. It fits over the belly, and luckily I wore a long camisole under it. Seems as though they make maternity tops longer for a reason. :)

Sleep: Wish I could say it was lovely, but, it's just so so. Not horrible this week, but not great. I wake up at least every 1.5 hours, because my hips ache from laying on my side. So, I wake up, go to the bathroom, flip over my snoogle pillow, and switch sides.

Best moment this week: Having a stranger offer me their seat on the train! That hasn't happened yet, and though I didn't take the seat (I only had to go a few stops) it was a very good feeling. :)

Movement: I haven't felt anything since the first movement. I think it must be because of my anterior placentas, absorbing some of their movement. I wish I could feel them again though; it's pretty great! All of the books say that you'll feel them for the first time between 18-22 weeks though, so I'm not worried. Plus, less than a week ago, I saw them on the ultrasound moving like crazy. So I know they're movin' around in there. :)

Food cravings: Haven't really had any lately! Still mostly just aversions. Though, I HAVE experienced increased hunger this week; more than I have during any other time in this pregnancy. One minute I'm fine; the next STARVING.

Genders: Definitely Girls. We had another confirmation on Friday by a different doctor. So, that makes 3 Ultrasound techs and 2 doctors that say two girls. I think it's official. :)

Labor Signs: Well, not really. I THINK I've been having some
Braxton Hicks contractions? Yesterday when I did some laundry at night, I might have pushed myself a little hard, which can sometimes bring them on. Nothing to worry about because they are totally normal, but it's a weird feeling. Last night they took a lot out of me, and I just rested after I did my laundry.

Belly Button in or out? It's in.

What I miss: Beer. I have never been a big beer drinker at ALL, but lately it sounds good. Whenever Ian orders a nice beer, I ask him if I can smell it. :) I've tried a couple of non-alcoholic beers, but they're no good. They always taste like Budweiser or something to me. Blech.

What I am looking forward to: More baby movement please!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm not feeling particularly wise this week- sorry!

Milestones: Over halfway! And, I think it's a milestone that someone offered me their seat on the train. :)

So, this is usually where I tell you what size fruit my babies compare to, but since we changed the due date, you don't get to hear about fruit sizes until Friday. Friday Fruit Day, as my friend Kristin suggested. :)

Oh- I just realized I never posted the most recent ultrasound photos from last Friday! So, here you go!

Baby A

Baby B

Baby A waving hello!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Ah! Those ultrasound pictures made me squee (whatever that is)! So precious.

  2. People are so nice to pregnant women :)
    Those are really good pictures!