Friday, March 11, 2011

papayas and squash and heartburn

Well, according to my "What to Expect" app., the babies are the size of papayas. I think I might just start ignoring that app, because they aren't specific about whether or not the baby actually weighs the size of that fruit/vegetable, or is just the same length as. This week says that the babies are the length of a spaghetti squash, but that they weigh a pound. So, who knows at this point. Also, I was told that around week 24 (so, in a couple of weeks) that twin babies start slowing down their growth as it compares to single babies; just because they start to run out of room. So, who knows how accurate this whole fruit/veggie thing will be from here on out.

(So, remember, the babies aren't as big as the squash, just as long. Around 11 inches it says.)

Here is what one looks like in utero at 22 weeks (they don't have a twins in utero again until 24 weeks. Apparently they don't think people having twins want to see what they look like each week):

That seems so big to me! Crazy that I have two in there.

I got to see them ever so briefly this morning. I was just in for a quick check of my cervix (which is totally fine by the way!). Anyway, she let me see their little hearts and hear the heartbeats, and I saw them quickly. I get another growth scan in two weeks, so I'll have more time to see them then. It's just so reassuring to hear/see their hearts beating- so I was pretty excited for that little peek.

And, just a little word on heartburn. I have it usually at least once a day, sometimes twice. It hasn't been so bad most of the time, that taking 3 Tums doesn't do the trick. However, I've never ever polished off a whole bottle of Tums in my whole life. Usually, they sit in the medicine cabinet until they're way old. Now I've polished off this bottle and half of one sitting on my night stand. At least they have, that's a plus. The old wive's tale is that if you have a lot of heartburn, your babies will be born with a thick head of hair. They sure wouldn't be getting that from my side of the family, but maybe from Ian's side. His sister has REALLY thick, beautiful hair, as does his aunt, so who knows? Or, it could just be heartburn. :)

That's all my news for today. I know; not too thrilling. I know I was going to write about exercise today, but that will have to be Monday's post.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


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  1. those tums smoothies were the best! my heartburn was so bad that my doc finally put me on a prescription which made life soooo much more doable. (i'd wake myself up choking in the middle of the night) ... might want to inquire? they're safe for babies too (at least that's what the doc told me). AND, i think the old wive's tale is true! (at least in my case).