Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a temporary nest

As I’ve mentioned before, we only have a one bedroom apartment, so the girls won’t be having their own nursery for a while. We plan on moving into a two bedroom, but not for many months after they’re born.

So for now, we’ve rearranged furniture in our bedroom, and will have a little temporary nursery corner for them. To be fair, we have a pretty big bedroom, so it should work out pretty well! We’re planning on just using one crib until we move into a larger place; and I hope that is ok. There are completely mixed messages online and in books, and I hate that! I thought I had it all figured out; basically it seems as though they can share a crib as long as they’re tightly swaddled and can’t roll over yet, so that they don’t suffocate each other. But then I got a new twin book recently, and they said to put them in separate cribs. This book didn’t say it was dangerous, but it said they’d sleep better. Anyway, we have options if they don’t sleep well together in the same crib, but I bet they will. I feel like they spent so much time together in utero, they will want to snuggle once they’re out.

We do have a bassinet that our friend Wendy gave us that we could use if we decide not to bed them together. I was planning on putting the bassinet in the living room along with this moses basket I’m about to pick up after work (yay, Craigslist!) for them to nap in during the day:

Also in my craigslist score for today is this rocking chair (I’m getting the basket and the chair for $50):

I know it just looks like a regular rocking chair, but growing up we had the exact same chair! My mom said she used to rock us to sleep in it, so I was excited to find it. I probably won’t put this in the “nursery” for a while, because I’ll need a more stable chair for nursing them, as I’ll be nursing them at the same time. But it will be great in the living room to rock them to sleep. I can’t wait!

I do have other nesting urges, but I’m fighting them for now, because A) it’s too early to do a lot of the things, like wash all the baby clothes and B) I really want to clean and organize, but I’m still just so tired all the time! I start something and then think “Ok. That’s about all I want to do for now.” Anyway, I am planning on doing some spring cleaning/organizing once spring actually arrives. Clean out closets, get rid of things we don’t need, de-clutter in general, and CLEAN. Deep clean things like curtains, upholstery, windows, shelves, cupboards, etc. I know I’ll want everything really clean when they arrive so that I don’t have to worry about it for a while. So, for now, the nesting is just going on in my mind. :)

Once we have our little nursery corner all set up with the crib and everything, I’ll make sure to share. I’m going to try and make it as cute and cozy as a temporary nursery can be. :)



  1. Just a thought. . .if you decide not to put both babies in one crib, you could get two of those small cribs, and perhaps they would take up about the same amount of space? Some babies stay in them for several months, and after that, they are good for travel or you can sell on Craigslist!
    That moses basket is really sweet :)

  2. WHOA!!! That is pretty amazing that you found that rocking chair - I absolutely remember that being in our house. I also remember launching myself out of that chair for fun, so good thing you have two girls coming.