Monday, March 7, 2011

baby carrots

Well, I didn't do Friday fruit day. Partly because there is starting to be quite the discrepancy as to which fruit/vegetable the babies are measuring up to these days. My "what to expect when you're expecting" app, says they are as big as a small spaghetti squash. But babycenter says they are as long as a carrot, and weigh 1 pound. So, I don't know. I think I'll go with the length of carrots though, and I'm sure they do weigh close to 1 pound each by now, as the last time we went in for a growth ultrasound, they were 12 and 13 ounces.

In the next few weeks, I've been told they'll stop growing QUITE as fast as a single baby would, just because they won't have as much room. I definitely have been feeling them move more the last few days! That's why I know they must be at or near that 1 pound mark. I feel little flutters several times an hour, and it's just pretty darn cool. I can't really tell who is doing what yet, but I know as they get bigger, I'll be able to tell which one is moving.

I've been feeling a tad bit overwhelmed lately with everything in the baby realm. It's hard to say exactly WHAT is overwhelming me; but I think a lot of it is the fact that I've been researching/preparing for this for so long, and now I'm just not sure what to do. Not that I feel fully prepared, mind you. I just am not sure what to focus on now. I've read a LOT of books, but there are still more to be read. I did my registry. Can't do much nesting or nursery prep, as we won't have a nursery for a while. It's too early to wash all the clothes. But honestly; the nesting hasn't completely kicked in yet anyway, so that's not even really a strong urge. We have a birthing/caring for twins 6 week class coming up in May, so I suspect that will take care of a lot of our questions.

There are definitely some little things I could be doing right now, but it kind of seems like my biggest focus right now just needs to be me. I need to get enough to eat, enough water, enough sleep, enough rest, enough exercise, etc. So, I think I need to just focus that for now. And spend lots of time with my wonderful husband, to enjoy what little time we have left as "just the two of us". :)

Anyone else deal with this "what do I do now" feeling? How did you handle it?



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