Monday, November 1, 2010


Patience is hard. I have been told on several occasions regarding all of this fertility stuff that I have a lot of patience. Maybe this is true; but honestly, it's not like you can rush things along. You can only go as fast as your body will let you.

I am working REALLY hard at managing my expectations for tomorrow's news. Trying to be realistic. Realize that the odds are against me. BUT....

It sure doesn't help when you're nauseated all day. And yes, you realize that you ARE really tired (didn't go to bed early enough) so that could have caused the nausea, and that you ARE on metformin, which is known for stomach problems, and also you ARE on progesterone, which, who knows if it messes with your stomach, but it's a hormone, so, I'm sure it messes with everything. But no, being nauseated all day does NOT help you to not think about the fact that you're taking a pregnancy test in the morning.




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