Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hello, nausea. i’ve been hoping you’d visit.

Well, folks, it seems the nausea has hit. Full force. Not every day, but several so far; a couple so bad that eating in general just sounded BAD. I quite understand “food aversions” now, as any type of meat sounds terrible, as do most sweet things. It seems to help if I’m really hydrated, though not always. And it also sometimes help when I eat something, but since I often times don’t feel like eating… well, you see the problem.

At first saltines helped, but now they just sound kind of gross. Mostly ginger ale and Sprite are the biggest helpers, but I feel bad drinking too much of that kind of stuff. I have not thrown up yet, though there are a few times when I wish I could have; maybe I would have felt better afterwards. I guess I’ll be careful what I wish for.

HOWEVER. Amidst all this “poor me, I’m nauseated! And did I mention tired? So tired!”- there is one major thing: I AM PREGNANT. And honestly- though being sick is never fun- it is COMPLETELY worth it. This has been a really long journey so far, and we're not out of the woods yet. So, every once in a while, as I sit here feeling green, I just remember the reason- and I smile. :)
I'm a lucky girl.



  1. oh man! wow! one thing i learned is DON'T feel guilty about eating things you normally would never dream of (have i told you about the 2 desserts a day?) if it's all you feel like it. i have never had more sugar and carbs in all my life. and where i once only would get seafood at restaurants - well, i haven't had any since june! just can't do it, and it's been 6 months!

    here's a tidbit - don't know if these sound good to you or not, but two women here at work had horrible nausea, and sucking on hard jolly rancher candy really helped them. and the ginger candy too ... i know you said sweet stuff sounds gross but it could be worth a shot?

    sorry! this part will get better - but i totally feel ya ... it's worth it! feels strange but good to finally "be there!"

  2. Wife liked cereal...may not work for you too, but I thought I'd put that out there. She used to not touch the stuff, but since she got pregnant she's plowing through a box every three days.

    That kind of stuff always struck me as funny. The "food cravings" are actually more like "food hatings" (you "crave" only the stuff that doesn't sound gross).

    And the "morning sickness" is more like "every time sickness." Morning was really the only time Wife didn't feel sick.

  3. i ditto the hard candy suckage, especially if it's sour/tart.

    that said, the only thing that KINDA keeps my nausea at bay is eating a small snack every 3 hours (almost to the minute, if i go beyond 3 hours i'm in trouble.)

    good luck, mama!