Monday, November 22, 2010

perhaps i spoke too soon, nausea

Yes, I was hoping you'd show up, because you didn't really last time, and so I see this as a very good sign. HOWEVER... because of you I could barely eat breakfast this morning and am currently trying to decide what to have for lunch, and NOTHING sounds good. Except Sprite.

I also have a cold, which kinda blows. It’s not a really major cold, but it is seriously hanging on since I'm not taking any medicine for it. I am hoping it slowly goes away and is gone by Thanksgiving, because we have company! Our favorite Thanksgiving company; my brother. He is our Thanksgiving tradition. :) We’ve had Thanksgiving with him at least 5 times, though maybe more. Ok, well, I PERSONALLY have had many, many Thanksgivings with him, since he is after all, my brother. But as a married or engaged couple, it has been at least 5 times. So, that will be fun! I’m cooking our tiny little three person dinner, and we’ll just chill around the house watching the parade and Thanksgiving movies. Quite excited!

On the baby front, we have an ultrasound on Wednesday morning, so that will be a good thing. Keep your fingers crossed for all good news. I’d like to be able to see a heartbeat and all the necessary parts; fetal pole, yolk sac, etc. So, here’s hoping!

It's pretty nervewracking waiting for this ultrasound. We both are just praying that it all looks good. I have high hopes, since my hcG numbers were such
over-acheivers, and since I'm all nauseated and tired, etc. So, these are all good signs. We'll just have so much more peace of mind after Wed. Another thing stressing us out is that last time, we lost the baby at 7 weeks 3 days, and I'm currently at 6 weeks 3 days. So, we're nearing that point, and of course, it's scary. But, I feel a lot more pregnant this time, so I think it will be all ok.



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