Monday, November 15, 2010

update on "inconclusive"

So, I get my ultrasounds done at an imaging center; not at my doctor’s office. This is mostly because my doctor is a fertility doc; not an OB, so he doesn’t have time to do all the ultrasounds. Anyway, so, as I mentioned, the OB tech just told me that it was “inconclusive”. AH, how comforting, right? Just what every woman who’s hoping to be pregnant wants to hear.

Anyway, my doctor’s office called this afternoon, and said that my hcG levels are awesome, and are up to 25,321! YAY! And since they’ve only done nothing but good things this time, she told me I “graduated” from bloods, and I no longer have to go in to get them done! Double yay!


Here’s the rundown, if you care:

11/2- 80
11/4- 247
11/8- 1907
11/11- 5700
11/15- 25,321

So, that’s great news. THEN, she said that they did NOT expect to see a fetal pole in that ultrasound (um, that really would have been nice to know, but whatever.). So, that’s a load off (for now). Anyway, I have another ultrasound scheduled for next week- where they DO expect to see a fetal pole. So, cross your fingers!



  1. wooo HOO! look at those levels!!!

  2. congratulations on those hcG levels!! I never before knew what hcG levels or fetal poles were but now I'm rooting for you and those two things! :) (and a healthy baby of course!!!)

  3. Hello, just found you through the stirrup queen's blog roll. I also have PCOS. Congrats on your awesome-looking betas!