Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, maybe a little. But I already owned them all! So, I had to use them, right? I mean, what a waste to not use them. Also, I've had so few symptoms, it's nice and reassuring to see the two lines (even though they were super light in the second picture) or the "Pregnant" again. I also had another blood test on Thursday to check my Beta hCG levels (doctor's orders- will do that for the next 3 weeks 2x per day) and again today. They were good on Thursday at 462. Well, the nurse said that was a good number, and when I googled it, google seemed to agree.

I haven't had TOO many symptoms yet, but I've had a few. I'm always kind of tired, no matter how much sleep I get, I've had some mild nausea, my face broke out (whee!) and I've had a little heartburn. But all of these have been sort of mild and not constant yet. So, so far so good. I have to say- I kind of love the symptoms. I get a little sad when they subside. They are a nice reminder that "yep! Still pregnant!" I know that all of you out there that are pregnant or have been pregnant understand what I mean about this. It's just so early, and I'm so concerned about my little tiny one making it through the first trimester, so I love the symptoms, b/c they're reassuring.

I'm supposed to have an ultrasound early next week to make sure that the little guy has implanted in the right place (uterus, not fallopian tube) and to check blood flow to the uterus. Then, 10 days after that, I'm going in for another ultrasound to hear the heartbeat! That will be very very exciting. :)

My appointment with the hematologist was uneventful. She was very nice and said that indeed I would be on Lovenox (and then later Heparin) for my entire pregnancy. She also said she'd monitor my pregnancy the whole way with my OB (whenever I finally pick one. um, gotta get on that). So, it's comforting to know that someone will be watching over that.

Oh, also, poppyseed has graduated to an orange seed. :) They grow up so fast.


  1. Poppyseed to Orange seed. Love it!

  2. wooo hooo!!!!! :) i can't wait for your orange seed and my kumquat to be friends!