Thursday, August 12, 2010

rollercoaster numbers

Well, just got my hCG levels back. As a recap, here's how they were going:

Week 4- (7/29)- 462
Week 5- (8/2)- 2000
Week 5- (8/5)- 2996
Week 6- (8/9)- 3153

So today, we add to it with:

Week 6- (8/12)- 2851

Yes, you're reading that correctly; it went down. Not a lot, but it's not supposed to go down yet. Oh, sure, they say that later on in the pregnancy the numbers start to drop off, but we are NOT there yet. That is supposed to happen MUCH later.

The nurse told me not to worry too much, since we had such a good sonogram this week. But how can I not worry? I've made the decision to stop googling "low hCG in early pregnancy" and stuff like that. Because it rarely says good things. And it's sure not helping.

Anyway, I go in for another ultrasound on the 19th, and I repeat my bloods on Monday. I'm normally anxious to get my blood results back, but at this point I'm not, since they don't seem to be cooperating. I'm anxious for Thursday though; I want to see my little blob and it's little heartbeat again. I want to see that it's growing and that all is well; despite my body's desire to not follow proper protocol.



  1. oh man ... i'm so sorry you're dealing with all this anxiety. :( google is such an enemy sometimes. i will think super good thoughts for you.

  2. We love you! All of Seattle is aglow with support and good vibes!

  3. seeing that heartbeat was a good good thing mama! sending you lots of love.