Tuesday, July 6, 2010

P.S. future baby

So, your future dad and I have been having every test under the sun. Ian is almost all done with hopefully every test he'll have to have during this process (fingers crossed and knock on wood). One of the last ones was a test called the SCSA test. Here's a short description of it:

The SCSA®, or Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay, quickly and accurately identifies men who are less likely to achieve a term pregnancy naturally or with IVF. It does this by determining the percentage of sperm with high levels of DNA fragmentation, i.e. the DNA Fragmentation Index (% DFI) as well as the percent of sperm with abnormal proteins and morphology that inhibit fertilization.

Anyway future baby, you probably don't understand any of that (frankly, we don't either). BUT, what we do know, is that Ian had to do some crazy science stuff to get HIS stuff safely to the lab in South Dakota.

On Saturday, FedEx dropped this crazy thing off at our doorstep:

On the inside of it was this second tube that was all frozen and crazy that he put a sample in and then sent back to the lab today. And it was HEAVY. He struggled to even hold it up for the picture. (By the way, he told me to crop his head out because he said he looked like a "goon". I thought he looked cute. :) ) I guess it's so big because it can last all frozen up to 7 days in that crazy contraption. Anyway, he had tons of fun carrying that heavy contraption on the subway and to the FedEx by his office today in 100 degree heat.

So there you go, future baby of ours; the things we do so that someday we can meet you. :)


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