Friday, July 23, 2010

an easier wait

So, last week I ovulated. I showed you my lovely chart, and here she is again- still looking quite lovely:

As you can see, my temp is staying up there so far; which is good. For those of you who read my blog but have NO clue about fertility or reading one of these wacky charts, I'll break it down for you. So, basically every morning at 6:30am, I take my temperature. Your temperature upon waking is called your Basal Body Temperature. I've been doing it for over a year, so my thermometer has little teeth marks on it. :) Anyway, my temp usually is somewhere in the low 97's (which is fairly average) in the first part of my cycle- the follicular phase. So, the point of these charts is to see when you ovulate. As you can see on my chart, on day 15, the temperature is significantly higher. This means I most likely ovulated on day 14 during the day or while I was sleeping. So, charting your temperatures can help you see a pattern in your cycle so that you can more accurately plan. In a cycle where you don't achieve pregnancy, your temps stay high for 12-16 days or so, and then drop back down when you get your period, and it all starts again (as seen last month):

Now, this is the FIRST cycle that has behaved "normally", so, my other charts don't really help me see a pattern. But, maybe if I don't get pregnant this cycle, with my current medication, they'll keep behaving this way, and I will start to see a pattern! This will help greatly.

Anyway, last month when I FINALLY ovulated on day 70, it was SUCH a hard wait to wait those 12 days to take a blood test. I think a lot of this had to do with how insanely long that cycle was. This time around, it has been a lot easier. I truly envy women who are trying to conceive and had a normal length cycle each month. Because seriously, this time around has been SO much easier since I've had so much less time to wait.

That being said, I'm still quite anxious for Monday (when I take my blood pregnancy test). This cycle I feel no symptoms at all, whereas last cycle I had all SORTS of symptoms that could be construed as pregnancy symptoms. Usually the progesterone I take makes me feel kind of crappy, but not this month. Perhaps my body is just getting used to the progesterone- who knows. Again, for those of you who are not reading about fertility daily, my doctor prescribes progesterone to take right after I ovulate. If I WERE to get pregnant, this would help support the pregnancy as my progesterone levels are a tad low. Once you ovulate, your body naturally releases extra progesterone. But if you don't have enough, like me, a little pill every morning and evening will do the trick.

So, this week has just been waiting… and this weekend is just more of the same. But, I'll know one way or the other on Monday afternoon, if we were successful this month. If so- wahoo! If not… well, back to the drawing board.

Hope this wasn't a boring post!

Have a lovely weekend, all.



  1. your chart looks so good this month! yay! fingers WAY crossed for you mariah! positive vibes your way!

  2. sending positive energy and even a few prayers. :) Love you! Mom