Friday, July 2, 2010

dear future baby

I'll be honest with you, future baby. Today was not a good day. I went in early this morning before work to the lab to get some blood drawn for a test my doctor ordered to test for thrombophilia. Thrombophilia is a propensity to develop blood clots and can make it harder to get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy. I don't think the doctor actually suspects I have it, but he's just testing everything he can, and I did have a blood clot in my leg once before (though it was just a superficial clot and was most likely due to the fact that I'd just had a cast on that leg for 3 months).

Anyway, so, today I had the blood drawn for the test. I'm not a fan of getting blood drawn, and have almost passed out a couple of times. I think I usually just psych myself out though. However, today they took 16 vials (some were quite small, but still!). I actually said to the nurse "wow, um, that's a lot of vials". Anyway, after I was done, I was feeling woozy so I went and sat in the waiting room. Then things started to get all fuzzy around the edges, and I broke out in a cold sweat. Then, I have no idea what exactly happened. The next thing I remember is being shaken awake by a woman asking me if I had diabetes, because I just had a small seizure like episode and had passed out. I was really scared when I woke up, because I had no idea what had happened, and like 6 people were crowded around me. I felt like they'd all just woken me up from a dream or something and I also was having trouble putting words together. So, I did the really mature thing, and started crying. I was so freaked, because it had felt like I was dreaming, or asleep, and then all of the sudden all of these people were around me, and I didn't know what had happened, and I couldn't talk very well at first. Super scary. It turned out ok though. I just laid down there for about 20 minutes and then went across the street and got something to eat and headed home. Slept for several hours.

Anyway, I'll get to the point, future baby of mine. If you ever question whether or not you were wanted; this is your answer- 1000 times yes! We've been poked, prodded, examined and drugged more than any other time in our lives all for you! So, yes, you are very wanted.

But, if you ever give me grief, I MAY use this day to guilt trip you. Just a little. ;)

love, your future mom



  1. Did they check you out? Are you ok? I hug you!

  2. I'm totally fine. No, they didn't check me out because what happened was due to low blood sugar/pressure. But it sure sucked!

  3. that sucks! :( ... i'm so sorry.

  4. oh lady! that's so scary. i am so sorry.

  5. I had to have a hysterosalpingogram in December to check my fallopian tubes, and the same thing happened to me. I was fine while they were doing the procedure, but started having some pretty heavy cramps afterwards, and while I was getting dressed in the adjoining restroom, I started to get a cold sweat, and blood pressure drop, and blacking out. I laid down on the floor and called to my husband and the nurse, and they got me up on the table, with warm blankets, some snacks and water, and checked my BP which was 70/50 (pretty low!) I also am prone to queasiness with bloodwork, but a phlebotomist once told me two tricks: 1. ask if you can be laying down when you have it done, and 2. KEEP TALKING to the phlebotomist during the blood draw. If you talk, you breathe, and if you breathe, you won't hyperventilate or get woozy. And stay reclined until you feel okay afterwards. (And by all means, don't look at the vials or the needle. Just close your eyes, and keep chatting away.) It works-- I have never since felt light headed.

  6. Okay, I had to come back and say that I had to have blood drawn today for a life insurance policy and the lady could NOT get blood out of my arm -- she was squeezing and massaging my veins, and even though I was reclined on the couch and talking up a storm, I just got woozier and woozier, and then she said she would have to try the other arm, or that maybe the "vacutainer" was malfunctioning. (Despite my needle-aversion, I don't usually actually have any issues with them tapping a vein.) So yeah, as she was getting ready to do the other arm, I said we had to stop because I was just getting super dizzy, even lying down. Took me about 20 minutes during which I had chills, and sweats, and low BP. Well, then she drew the blood and out it came. Just like it should have the first time. Ridiculous!