Wednesday, August 10, 2011

my how we've grown....

As the girls near their two month birthday, I can hardly believe how much they've grown! Poppy is over 9 pounds and Amelie is nearly at 9.

For a little comparison, here they are on the first day we brought them home, (on June 19th) in their coming home outfits:

There were little pants that went with them, but I only have a picture of Poppy in hers:

Now, this is them today:

The onesies really don’t fit Poppy anymore (well, they do, but they’re snug) and Amelie is also pretty much grown out of it. Also, the hat won't even stay on Poppy's head anymore, and it is really snug on Amelie. It’s so crazy how baggy everything was on them, less than two months ago!

I'm so happy they are so healthy, but I'm already getting nostalgic for those first couple of weeks! I know that time will only keep plowing ahead though, so I'm glad I have these photos to look back on!


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