Thursday, August 4, 2011

i know....

I'm so behind in posting, it's not even funny. But, have some pity on me; I've lost my grandma helpers. You see, for the first two weeks of the babies' lives my mom was here helping, and then right after that, my mother-in-law. So for 6 weeks, I had a mom with me all the time. They were AMAZING. They cooked for us, cleaned, held babies, let us take uninterrupted 2-3 hour naps; it was great. But, that couldn't last forever, and now I'm on my own. Ian is at work, so it's just me, Amelie and Poppy, holdin' down the fort.

Most of the time its been amazing. I love spending this time with them. However, that's not to say it's without challenges. With only one person, if both babies are screaming crying at the top of their lungs, you can really only attend to one at once. So, one baby is left to cry for a moment while you finish diapering or changing the spit up covered onesie of the other. It's kind of stressful, and of course, you feel horrible that you can't pick up your baby as soon as they start crying.

For the most part, we hang out in the bedroom. Sounds boring, but I think for the first bit it's going to be helpful. First of all, it's hot here, so we keep the AC on in the bedroom and shut it off in the rest of the house; save a little $$ that way. Also, it helps that I can keep everything I need in the bedroom and don't have to schlep it from room to room. Boppies, breast pump, water, burp cloths, swaddles, etc. I have a little station set up for me; my water, my laptop, my breast pump and my phone. So, we're all set up in here for now. It also doesn't help that it's REALLY hot outside, so that makes going out a lot more difficult. We went on little outings while my mother-in-law was here, but sometimes it seemed to really be hard on the babies. They would be REALLY thirsty when we got back home. So, for now, we're hunkered down in the cozy bedroom. :) We'll venture out soon enough, but for now, I like the special little baby room we have going on.

~ M
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  1. I love the boppy pictures! It shows just how tiny they are! Adorable!!

  2. Hi sweetheart! When I read your post, I pictured you and those baby girls hanging out in the bedroom with the AC on, and all of the stuff you need to take care of them all around you. : ) I know it's going to be hard for a while, and it's really hard to have to hear one of those sweet babies crying while you tend to the other one. Good thing though...they won't remember it! They will just have this deep memory of being loved. Love you! Can't wait to see you and Amelie and Poppy...and Ian too! xoxo mom