Tuesday, April 5, 2011

baby showering

As promised; here are a few pictures from my baby shower on Sunday; taken by my mother-in-law, Kath- photographer extraordinaire. (click to enlarge photos, if you so choose)

Getting ready to head upstairs for my shower with Kath! I thought it started at 11am; but it started at 11:30. So, I thought I was being "fashionably late" by showing up at 11:20, but nope. :)

Wendy and Jill

Wendy, Jill and Kristy

Cheers! The lovely hostess, (and my upstairs neighbor and friend!) Angela, is in green.

Jamie! She flew all the way from Seattle!

Such awesome food. An amazing fruit salad and salad, and a strata, which I'd never had before. All so yummy!

And there always has to be cake at a shower. :) This one was made by Wendy and Jamie- a spice cake! They also made chocolate dipped strawberries- yum!

Me opening my mom's gift and getting a little misty reading her card. Miss you mom!

It was a wonderful day, with a group of wonderful ladies! So thankful that I had such a lovely shower.



  1. Ohhh...getting a little misty myself. Looking forward to our Skype date. : ) love you little mama!

  2. this makes me so happy for you! and i get all misty remembering your WEDDING shower... ahhh. time flies. :)