Tuesday, February 22, 2011

whoa...livin' on a prayer

You know, as in, the Bon Jovi song... where the line before that one is "Whoooaaaa! We're halfway there..."



Yes- today marks the halfway point of my pregnancy! I am at 19 weeks exactly today, and since my doctor isn't going to let the pregnancy go further than 38 weeks; we're halfway there! Crazy. I honestly can't believe how fast it has gone. I know every single person says that, but it's entirely different when you're experiencing it yourself. I mean, honestly? At the beginning, it was going VERY slowly. Because I was so worried I was going to lose this pregnancy too, that I just wanted to reach a milestone. Please, let me reach the end of the first trimester, so that my risk of miscarrying again will go down. It seemed to take YEARS. And, honestly, though I can't believe I'm already at 19 weeks, sometimes time seems to still drag a bit. Because, I just worry. I don't worry excessively, or all the time, but the more I read about twin (and multiple) pregnancies and the risks, the more I think "oh, man! let's get t0 the end of this so I can see that they're safe!" Though I know that once they're out, a whole new level of worrying will kick in. :) Anyway, for now, I'm pretty darn excited to have made it to the halfway point!

Also.... last night I felt them move!!!! I was laying on the couch watching "How I Met Your Mother" (seriously; how awesome is that show??), and I made Ian pause it, because I felt something weird in my stomach. I laid there in the silence and concentrated, and it was definitely something I'd never felt before. It felt like a twitch, or a flutter. I wasn't convinced though, because it felt like it was too high up. Then, this morning REALLLLLY early, when my body had decided that 5 1/2 hours was PLENTY of sleep and that I didn't need anymore, I felt another movement. This one was different; lower down. It felt like bubbles in my stomach, and it was really crazy and awesome. It only happened when I was on my left side. So, I may not have gotten much sleep last night, but feeling that this morning was WAY worth it.

That's my Tuesday report for you! I have an OBGYN appt. today, so hopefully I'll get a quick ultrasound to see them. :) If not, I have a big ultrasound on Friday where they'll measure them, etc. Can't wait!!


P.S. Oh, and if you can't get that Bon Jovi song out of your head now, sorry 'bout that. But if you're lovin' it, then you can click here and watch the whole thing. I just watched it, and WOW... that HAIR. You're welcome.


  1. CONGRATS! and WOO HOO! so cute that they're saying 'hi' to you! :)

  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAY MOVING BABIES!!!! wahooooooooo!