Monday, February 7, 2011

i must be stopped

So, I have a problem. It seems as though I can't stop buying vintage baby clothes. Ok, "can't stop" is a little extreme. But you may remember the little jacket I bought before I even knew the sexes:

and now I've gone and purchased four more things.

It's not my fault. I'm an avid reader of a blog called
Harper's Happenings (and Mandy's little one, Harper, is seriously THE CUTEST), and she has an online vintage store called Opal. She has the CUTEST stuff, and well, it's sometimes quite hard to resist. I bought the above jacket from her, and now a few more things...

Here are my four latest purchases from Opal:

and these last two, I couldn't find photos of on her site or on her facebook page, so I just took really quick ones here at my desk:

I will try to stop for a while, but really, she keeps posting such cute things to her shop, and it's hard to resist. :)


*photos found here

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  1. And again. You have a fab taste in baby clothes!